The Redwood Pack by Carrie Ann Ryan

The series has been conveniently packaged in volume editions that container two of the stories in each book.

Redwood Pack, Vol. 1 (Redwood Pack, #1-2)Redwood Pack, Vol. 1 by Carrie Ann Ryan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Two for one, the first two books in the Redwood Pack Series in one… I couldn’t pass up buying both books in paperback format to share with others. I have previous read the book in digital format (eBook), Rereading again cause I really enjoyed them from the first time and when got it in the mail I was like hot diggity darn (those who know me personally, know that I almost never revisit & read a book for second time…)

Alpha’s Path:

Mel has had her nose in the preverbal book working to obtain her degree. Now that she has graduated, Larissa sets Mel on blind date. A date with the some one that could possibly change Mel view of somethings …
Kane has been down that path of finding a mate but it ended in disaster of sorts… He has never desired to traverse in that direction again! But it all changes when he “scents” Mel…

A Taste for Mate:

Jasper, has been coming to the bakery Willow for the last couple of weeks… But it’s not just bakery goodies that has him desiring to return but the owner, Willow. Willow’s “scent” calls to Jasper and has him returning frequently (everyday that the bakery is open)…
A rival pack kidnaps Willow, using her as a pawn…
The questions would be why, what is underlining reasoning and is someone in the Redwood Pack being traitor and helping the rival pack.

Enjoyable & interesting book to read…Anyone who enjoys paranormal were/shifter books this is one you may wanna read

Redwood Pack, Vol. 2 (Redwood Pack, #3-3.5)Redwood Pack, Vol. 2 by Carrie Ann Ryan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another twofer book that includes parts 3 and 3.5 to the Redwood Pack series. When I discovered I could get the paperback versions to the ebook versions I have to able to easily share with others I went & purchased (yup, I am revisiting and Rereading this great series by a fantastic author who I have really enjoyed the books she has written)

Trinity Bound:
Reed was captured by the Central Pack in the last book. He is housed in cell with a witch not just any witch. Hannah is a healer, her “scent” beckons to him as being his mate but it also feel incomplete. Why?
After three nights, Reed begins to wonder if anyone is coming to rescue them. In his mind he wonders of his importance to the pack and if he is just pawn.
But the human who is finder, Josh, using his SEAL training decides to go out on his own to locate them simply because he feel drawn to them… What will happen & will it be too late?

A Night Away:

Redwood Pack, Vol. 3 (Redwood Pack, #4-4.5)Redwood Pack, Vol. 3 by Carrie Ann Ryan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Won the book in blog hop (woohoo…).
Another twofer book with books 4 & 4.5 of Redwood Series.

Enforcer’s Redemption
Adam lost his mate 20 years earlier to the Centrals, he has been stuck in the past of sorts & depressed over the loss.

Eight months ago, Adam had taken off but something happened. But what?

Without writing to much to give away to this great story that is all the synopsis I am going to say about…

Blurred Expectations

Its the trio couple in this section.

Hannah has baby expectations & desires, seeing everyone around having little tikes. But will Josh and Reed be able keep up to a produce a baby…

The problem I had with this short section of Blurred Expectation is in the last part of book (epilogue) it goes from 1 month later to Hannah giving birth…it seemed something is missing. (reasoning for the 1 star drop…)

This one author I do recommend for those who enjoy the paranormal shifter were books.