A Review of The Incredible Mr. Razz by Bonnie Bliss


The Incredible Mr. Razz


Bonnie Bliss


Eve Masters is single, independent, and lonely. Weekends are full of her wild friends showing her a good time on the Miami strip. The curvy blonde has her hot skinny friends to contend with, however. Realizing that she is tired of coming home alone at night she heads over to the new local Animal Shelter. Colorful characters, and a feisty white cat soon steer her towards—the cat of her dreams.

Things aren’t all that they seem with Eve’s new house pet. It all starts with a messed up kitchen and then a ruined den, and ends in a late night dream…or is it?

My Review:

Tired of being lonely and coming home alone especially, Eve decides to go to the local animal shelter that is just up the block from her condo.
Eve was a little worried about the shelter itself but she was determined to go in. While checking out the other cats, one reached its paw out of the cages and touched her forearm. He was a large cat with short gray/blue fur and seemed really friendly towards Eve herself. Eve learned that his name was Raz and she decided to take him home.
Raz or Mister Cat is all that he is… When he actually reveals himself Eva is in for a surprise in more than one way.
The first chapter explains about Eve and her life, interesting to point and necessary to explain about the character herself but I found it slow and slightly boring. After Eve decides on adopting Raz and taking him home things pick up quick, I found the book to be an interesting and enjoyable book to read.
Also to note I really like Bonnie Bliss’s dedication section in the beginning… We all find our muses in one form or fashion. I am really sorry to her about you four legged furry baby… Losing a pet is a hard thing especially to those who are close to the pet….
Overall I would rate this book a solid 4.5 read. I received the book from the author for an honest review, thank you. I can honestly say if you like spicy paranormal erotic books, this one you may enjoy as well…