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Finding Eva

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Marie Garner

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Eva Matthews hates chaos. She worked hard as a high school teacher and prided herself on the life she had made. After a secret from her past sent her well-ordered existence spiraling out of control, all she wanted was answers. Her search led her to Highland Creek and into the arms of the elusive Aaron Sawyer.

Aaron was born a fixer. Every injured person or animal from miles around was treated to his personal attention, and he thrived on putting out fires as the local lawyer at Highland Creek. He never found a problem he couldn’t solve until Eva and although misconceptions led to instant dislike, he couldn’t stop himself from trying to heal her battered soul.

Although Eva is more than willing to engage in a summer fling, she isn’t interested in seeking Aaron’s help or complicating her life with anything long-term. How can the man who lives to fix things stay away? Could Aaron and Eva turn a summer fling into a serious relationship?


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Finally, Eva thought, and thanked the powers that be as Aaron slammed his mouth over hers. She became his sole focus as he kissed her for several minutes before trailing his lips down her neck.

“I’M. NOT. STOPPING.” He punctuated each word with a kiss as he settled over her rapidly beating pulse. She tipped her head back to allow him better access as he licked and nipped, causing heat to settle between her legs.

“Good,” Eva whispered, and wrapped her arms around his shoulders as she tried to press closer. He rubbed his fingers down her side, leaving goose bumps in his wake, and rested his hands on her hips. He captured her lips and pulled her closer while she instinctively widened her legs in response. He reached between them and frantically unbuttoned her jeans, dipped his finger in her panties and plunged it into her cleft until both moaned simultaneously with need.

about the author

Marie Garner hailed from Winston Salem, North Carolina and has had her nose in a book for as long as she can remember. She was a teacher by trade before she decided to write the story ideas float around her head continuously. When not reading or writing she could be found either watching sports, rooting on the Washington Redskins, or wishing for England where she lived for a year. Her debut novel is Finding Eva, the first book in her new Highland Creek series, coming June 2014.

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