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When I write a book I tend to need three things fixed firmly in my mind right from the start – the title, an image of the heroine and of course an image of the hero. With ‘Love is A Four Letter Word’ it all came together from that first image of my bad boy biker. And this is him – ** picture attached separately, I got the image from http://geordiebiker.wordpress.com/2012/01/19/silver-dream-racer/1980-bonneville-advertisin-small-2/ so it should be credited back to them **

Back in my younger days I was in love with this guy, David Essex, the original bad boy. He is a singer and actor, and I saw every film and sang every song! Two of the films he starred in have stuck with me over the years (well, to be honest I don’t remember a lot about the films, but I do remember his parts in them!), one was ‘That’ll be the Day’ when he played a real bad boy, and the other was ‘Silver Dream Racer’ in which he played a motorcycle racer.



David was exactly what I had in mind when I was writing the part of Jake, my hero. Though, I must admit, I did also spend some time ogling this guy as well http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001722/I just get an indescribable urge to run my fingers through his hair…

And from my bad boy Jake came the image of the perfect girl for him, and Georgie was born… and the one thing they had in common was a desire to avoid commitment, and the big L word was the dirtiest one of all…



Zara3BLURB –

LOVE IS A FOUR LETTER WORD an erotic romance by Zara Stoneley.

Published by HarperImpulse a division of Harper Collins Publisher.

Sometimes being bad can be too good to miss… Take one rich girl who has a thing for the bad boys. Take one tough guy who wants fun and freedom. Mix generously with a land dispute and a whole lotta lust…. And what have you got? Sometimes being bad can be just too good to miss…


“Now you, darling, are going in the driving seat, but don’t presume for one moment you’re in control.” His voice was soft against her ear, the warmth of his breath fanning out over her cheek as he lifted her forward onto the seat that was still warm from his body. “Lean forward, hold the handlebars.” She stretched forward, the heat and tremble of the engine teasing nipples that were already hard, tormenting her swollen clit as his hand rested in the small of her back, pressing her closer to the machine. She could feel it already starting, the slow relentless climb of an orgasm, the rolling need radiating out from her centre.


He kept one smouldering hand resting on her for a moment, then turned his full attention back to his leathers, cursing as he fought with them. Then he was back on the bike, behind her.


“You can rev it up you know.” There was humour in the dark soft voice. His hands slipped up her thighs, round her hips, under her dress, his fingers tracing along her knicker line, either side of her mound, his thumbs circling with a pressure that told her he wasn’t going to mess. One hand slipped between her legs, traced along her slit until he found her clit and she groaned as he touched her. Whimpered as he increased the pressure, as one finger slipped inside her. “You really do want it don’t you?” He lifted her slightly from the seat. “Hold on tight, darling.”


She was holding her breath with need, but when he sank inside her she still screamed. Screamed as the weight of his body against her pressed her throbbing clit into the shudder of the bike, screamed as she came with urgent pulses. “Oh. My. God.” She could barely get the words out.


He waited, held still as she shuddered around him and then as her body subsided he started. Full long strokes that filled her. Georgie clung onto the handlebars, trying desperately to control the slide of her body against the bike, to control the friction as he gripped her hips with firm fingers and slammed into her. She lifted her head, stared unseeing at the trees that surrounded them, and the animal sounds had to be her as she growled and cursed, writhed against him, as her body fought the vibrations, willed the orgasm to build higher, higher. And then she couldn’t hold that moment any longer. She was unfurling inside, her body pulsing more urgently this time, and he seemed to expand inside her as she closed around him. Gripping, wanting, needing, until he swore, pulled her savagely back against him. And then nothing. Silence apart from the sound of their breathing, panting. Dark.


He pulled out. Gently flicked her knickers back into place with one finger. Eased her up with strong hands until she was leaning back against the warmth of his chest and it felt weirdly familiar as he held her. Then he seemed to realise. Slowly dropped his arms away and she could almost feel him setting the distance between them.

“You okay?”

She nodded. Tugged at her lower lip with sharp teeth, because she didn’t know what else to do.

And he was off the bike, passed her a helmet wordlessly and they were back on the road heading for the town before she could think of a single thing to say to him. He weaved his way round the edge of town and pulled up outside her home, the old family home that she’d just returned to after years away, without even asking where she needed dropping.

Georgie clambered off the bike. Stood awkwardly on the kerb and he reached out, straightened her dress down. Flipped his visor up.

“Who said I lived here?”

“Who’d have thought sweet little Georgina would turn into such a naughty girl?”








Author Zara Stoneley has been writing stories for just about as long as she’s been reading them. She sold her first erotic novel to Xcite Books in 2012, and since then has had her hot romances accepted by several publishers, including HarperCollins. Her stories have featured on romance and erotic bestseller lists in the US and UK.


Zara divides her time between a country cottage in the UK and a Barcelona apartment, and loves her family, sexy high heels, sunshine, good food and wine, coffee, cats, horses, dogs, music, writing and reading – but not necessarily in that order! She likes her heroes just how she likes her coffee – hot, strong and moreish.


You can find more about Zara at www.zarastoneley.com. Please stop by – she loves to meet new people!



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