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Cerise Amour by Gem SivadJeb heard the sounds of rescue before he stared up at deliverance. He’d been carried downstream by a torpid current, bleeding in the water all the way; finally he’d bumped against land and had just enough life left to crawl through mud and collapse in the marsh grass.

He was cold, and the water he’d swallowed had left him nauseous, not thirst quenched. But his eyes still worked, and, unless he was hallucinating, he was looking at a tall girl wearing glasses.

“It would be best,” she suggested, enunciating her words carefully as she peered down at him, “if you moved from those weeds before an alligator finds you.”

“Help me up,” he answered, extending his left arm toward her; too trustingly, she took his hand and tugged. If he lived another day, he’d tell her about the error of being too trusting. As it was, he struggled to rise, but fell back into the mud.

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Unlikely Gentlemen Books 1 and 2 Available now:

River’s Edge-

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Cerise Amour– Available April 10th.
Author Bio:
Gem Sivad submitted her first manuscript in 2008. That novel, Intimate Strangers, won the prestigious 2010 EPIC Award and founded her Eclipse Heat series, published by Ellora’s Cave.

Although her first love remains American historical romance, she also writes a contemporary, erotic paranormal series about a modern-day healer named Miz.

Whether she’s writing in a nineteenth century setting or in the paranormal world of witches and shifters, Gem’s heroines are always resilient, resourceful, and smart and her heroes are both dangerous and hot!

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