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Title: The
Napils Kiss
Author: Simone
Pages: 324
Release date: January
20, 2014
Genre: Paranormal

The Nephilim were on the
earth in those days- and also afterward- when the sons of God went to the
daughters of men and had children by them. They were heroes of old, men of
great renown.
Genesis 6: 4
And to this day, they
remain: the Nephilim. Half human, half angel. They hide in the light, eternal,
chaste, and beautiful. They protect the children of men from the Succubae,
daughters of Lilith. Dangerous demonesses who prey on men leaving them worse
than dead.
Until the day one Naphil,
Lucien, first encountered the succubus Sarahi. That day a creature of darkness,
sick of the shadows, dared lift her face towards heaven and discovered
something she never dreamed she would find… love.
But their love is
overshadowed as the long-foretold war between angels and demons threatens to
break over the land. For prophecy states that from the mingling of these races
will come a warrior who holds the key to victory… or utter destruction.
Caution: contains graphic
sex scenes.
He gave her an angry look,
his onyx eyes flashing in the dark skin of his beautiful face.
“Don’t, Lucien. If you
dislike it so much, why don’t you feed me yourself?” She felt her eyes glowing
hot as she voiced her greatest wish aloud.
His face registered
surprise at her boldness, followed by longing, and then rage.
“Why? I have no desire to
be one of your legion of lovers.”
“I have no lovers. No
legion. Not even one. This is the only way I feed, now. It’s so much better
this way.”
“Then why…”
“Oh, my dearest angel,
surely you must know how I desire you. Only you, Lucien.”
For the most fleeting of
moments, desire flared in his eyes, and then was quickly suppressed. His back
teeth ground together. “I have sworn vows.”
“I know you have. One of
them was to kill any succubus on sight, was it not? How well have you kept that
He swallowed hard, but
said nothing. She stepped off the edge of the table. His big hand shot out and
caught her as she fell, just as she had hoped he would.
“Don’t tempt me, Sarahi.
No good can come of it.” He lifted her up close to his face.
“I disagree, Lucien. Every
good can come of it.”
“I won’t feed you.”
She wrapped her body
around his finger, letting him feel her lush curves. Her ruby-colored dress was
thin and she wore no undergarments. She kissed his fingertip.
“You already have,” she

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About The Author:
Simone Beaudelaire is the
pseudonym for a mild-mannered French teacher from Texas. When she isn’t
demonstrating adjective agreement and verb conjugation, she’s reading and
writing sweet and sexy romance novels.
She currently has over ten
titles available as ebooks; paranormal, contemporary and historical romance.
Print and new titles in the works.
Mme Beaudelaire lives with
her husband of a dozen years, three young children, and one fat tabby cat
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