Abby: The Mail Order Bride

Abby: Mail Order Bride (Unconventional, #1)Brant Samson
Not only has Brant fallen on hard times, but his beloved wife died a year earlier of lung fever. Left with three children, he’s desperate to find a mother for them. Ten year old Jenny does her best in caring for two year old Ty, and fourteen year old Luke works the ranch with his father, losing himself in dime novels to ease the pain of his mother’s death. Brant’s options are limited. Eligible women seldom pass through Two Rivers, much less settle in the small Texas town. In desperation, he places a classified advertisement for a mail order bride. Marrying a woman he’ll come to know through a newspaper ad scares the bejesus out of him, but at this point, he’s out of options.

He needs a ma for his children.

Abigail Vaughn
In her youth, Abigail dreamed of having her own family, but caring for her elderly parents, as well as working as a teacher to help with finances, ended that dream. Her parents are now dead and she’s faced with the reality of her dismal existence. After reading Brant’s advertisement in the Philadelphia, inquirer, she garners enough courage to respond. Since she is considered an old maid, she’ll more than likely spend the rest of her life in gut-wrenching loneliness unless she does something unconventional

Like marrying a stranger with three children.

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GreenBeckeyAbigail or Abby as she is called in the majority of the book becomes a mail order bride. She is a virgin in her mid thirties that hasn’t had much of dating experience due to her caring for her elderly parents since she was an only child. She has always had a dream of being married and having a family but that never happened … that is until she answered an ad for a mail order bride for a gentleman that lost his wife and needs the help to raise his children…

There was some things off in this book at least in my mind and wasn’t thrilled at them. My overall thoughts on a rating will be 3 stars…