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“I’m going with you.”

A week had past and neither of them was closer to what they wanted.

Home for Claire and Alex for Duncan.

She still couldn’t remember anything before ‘waking up’ on the beach of Skye. Or how she’d got to his time. Even though he was convinced she’d travelled through the Faery Stones.

And Duncan was supposed to leave in the morning to continue his quest for them.

He laughed long and hard. “A lass on a pirate ship. Sorry, but it’s not a pleasure cruise. I’ve told ye what I seek. We’ll figure out another way ye can help.”

“Right.” Claire took a deep breath. “Your purpose is my purpose. You want to find your brother, and I want to get home.”

But did she?

Claire was already fond of this huge Highlander.

More than fond?

Her heart stuttered, but she ignored it. Duncan had been nothing but kind and honorable with her, even if his whole clan—his whole family—assumed she was sleeping with him.

Sleeping yes—as in his bed.

Every night.


Not so much.

God, I wish.

Duncan said nothing, but he stared at her like he always did.

Claire took a step toward him, closing the distance between them in his office—ledger room—he’d called it. “We’ve talked about this. You need my help, and I want to help. Besides, maybe I can sense something, or something will jog my memory. And I can figure out how I got to that beach. It’s worth a shot.”

His massive chest rose and fell as he let out an audible breath.

Claire was holding hers.

Duncan was her familiar in this very foreign land of the past since she’d been here. She couldn’t imagine being left in the castle while he was gone for possibly months.

She adored his sister, liked his father all right, and of course little Angus, but… the thought of Duncan leaving her churned her stomach.

Historical romance novels hadn’t covered just how difficult life in this time was. Hard work, and boring with no TV, movies, not even her damn MP3 player. What was worse, she couldn’t read or speak Gaelic or Latin, so the books here were out, too.

No automation. Everything was manual labor, even cooking and laundry. Being a guest, she wasn’t expected to help Janet and the female staff with the castle day-to-day, but she didn’t want to sit around and be useless.

So Claire had been scrubbing floors on all fours, using a washboard to clean clothing and bed linens. Even smacking the dust out of tapestries.

She was a decent cook, so the previous night she’d helped in the kitchens, preparing a stew the men had seemed to enjoy, but she’d drawn the line at killing, even if she’d cooked and eaten the meat.

The archaic defined roles of the sexes were irritating but not a surprise.

On the other hand, the simplicity of life here appealed. And smiles meant the same. Love was the same.

Duncan’s people were kind and had welcomed her. Not even questioned her presence at Dunvegan, or in his rooms…in his bed.

“I see yer wisdom there.” He crossed his arms. “I don’ like it. My men…are ruffians.”

His thick brogue, leaving off the t whenever he said ‘don’t’ still made her heart beat harder. The man was pure sex.

Claire took two more steps. She could feel the heat coming off his body. “You’ll protect me.” She wanted to inch even closer. If he reached for her, she could be in his arms in seconds. A tremor shot down her spine.

“Will I now?” One corner of his mouth shot up. Amusement wrapped Duncan’s words and Claire’s heartbeat kicked up another notch.

“Aye.” She winked as she said his word.

Duncan smiled, and her stomach fluttered. “How’s that?” He bent his head low.

She gasped.

His lips hovered over hers.

Please, God.

Let it happen finally.

Please kiss me.

“Because you’re going to tell them I’m yours.”

Duncan growled—honest to God growled. Then his mouth crashed down on hers.

Claire moaned and moved into his chest as well as into his kiss.

He forced his tongue into her mouth, but she had no intention of fighting him. She slanted her lips under his and kissed him back as Duncan wrapped his arms around her.

She’d not bothered with a chemise that morning, and the stupid wool of her skirt made her thighs itch as it brushed her skin.

His massive hands cupping her ass and lifting her scattered Claire’s thoughts and she whimpered into Duncan’s mouth.

He slammed his pelvis into hers and she melted, pushing right back.

God, she wanted him.

Burned for him.

Sleeping in his bed, but not in his arms just left her with blue balls, especially the two nights he’d held her instead of avoiding contact.

Was it finally going to happen?

The Highlanders in her damn books never had as much control as Duncan MacLeod.

Unless he didn’t want her—scratch that. An erection was pressing into her stomach.

Claire rocked into him, kissing him harder and squeezing her arms around his neck.

“Jesu, lass.” Duncan yanked away from her mouth, resting his forehead against hers. His hard chest pushed into her breasts as he panted. His high cheekbones were flushed with color.

“Duncan, I want you.”


Book One in the time travel, fantasy romance series, Highland Secrets!

She never believed in magic…

Claire McGowan, Scotophile and historical romance novel addict, finally saves up enough for her dream vacation to Scotland.

She never imagines she’ll get sucked back to the seventeenth century while running on the beach—that’s what she gets for exercising when she should be relaxing.

He knows with a harsh certainty magic exists…

The Fae have taken his brother—Laird of his clan. Duncan MacLeod finds a bonnie naked and confused lass. He’s convinced Claire arrived in 1672 through the Faery Stones—a magical portal he’s been scouring the lands for over the past six months.

At last, he has someone who’s been through the Faery Stones and can help him find them—and get his brother back.

Duncan promises to help Claire get home, even though his desire to have her wars with his vow.

Torn between familiarity of the present and what she wants in the past, can Claire help Duncan find his brother and get back to the future? Will she even want to?

About The Author:

C.A. is originally from Ohio, but got to Texas as soon as she could. She is married and has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

She works with kids when she’s not writing.

She’s always wanted to be a writer and is overjoyed to share her stories with the world.

To learn more, visit C.A. Szarek on her blog, on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreadsand website.

C.A. Szarek is also author of Collision Force, Chance Collision, and Sword’s Calland Love’s Call.

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KOBO: http://store.kobobooks.com/en-ca/books/the-tartan-mp3-player/C6Kx_UDQ_0qJFy3_HMXXgA?MixID=C6Kx_UDQ_0qJFy3_HMXXgA&PageNumber=1

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Tartan-Player-Highland-Secrets-Book-ebook/dp/B00IKCHCT2/ref=la_B00BJY74BY_1_6?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1393746276&sr=1-6


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