Blood & Thunder by Charlie Cochet (Thirds Series, Bk #2) Cover Reveal Blitz

Blood & Thunder by Charlie Cochet (Thirds Series, Bk #2) Cover Reveal Blitz

Blood & Thunder
(Thirds Series, Bk #2)
by Charlie Cochet
When a series of bombs go off in a Therian youth center, injuring members of THIRDS Team Destructive Delta, and causing a rift between agents Dexter J. Daley and Sloane Brodie, peace seems unattainable. Especially when a new and frightening group, the Order of Adrasteia, appears to always be a step ahead. With panic and intolerance spreading and streets becoming littered with the Order’s propaganda, hostility between Humans and Therians grows daily. Dex and Sloane, along with the rest of the team, are determined to take down the Order and restore peace, not to mention settle a personal score. But the deeper the team investigates the bombings, the more they believe there’s a more sinister motive than a desire to shed blood and spread chaos.
Discovering the frightful truth behind the Order’s intent forces Sloane to confront secrets from a past he thought he’d left behind for good, a past that could not only destroy him and his career, but also the reputation of the organization that made him all he is today. Now more than ever, Dex and Sloane need each other, and, along with trust, the strength of their bond will mean the difference between justice and all-out war.
Release Day:
August 4, 2014
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“It is exceptionally important for you to know
when your partner is playing and when he or she is irate. Agent Daley, please
Dex arched an eyebrow at the instructor. “Which
“You want me to piss him off?” What kind of
class was this?
“In a matter of speaking. Yes.”
“Great.” Okay. How could he piss off his
partner without losing a limb? What he needed to do was annoy Sloane, really annoy him. Shouldn’t be too
difficult. Dex had annoying down to an art. He thrust a finger in Sloane’s
face, knowing how much his Felid partner hated that. Then he started singing.  Nothing annoyed his partner like Hall and
Sloane let out a fierce roar, and Dex started
dancing around him, his voice going high-pitched for certain lyrics while he
snapped his fingers. Sloane pawed at him, and Dex spun on his heels, avoiding
getting smacked. His partner hissed, baring his fangs before he took off after
“Shit!” Dex bolted, weaving through the rows of
agents who were either laughing or watching him in disbelief while their instructor
narrated as if this was nothing more than some nature video. Dex could see the
title now. National Geographic presents Predatory
“Understand your partner’s behavior. Why is he
or she behaving in such a fashion?”
“Because I pissed him off?” Dex called out over
his shoulder, dashing back toward the instructor.
“Very good. Thank you, Agent Daley. You may now
soothe your partner.”
Clearly, Dr. Eldridge didn’t personally know
Sloane Brodie. Dex put his hands up, walking backward slowly as he spoke to his
“Hey, buddy. Just following orders, you know?
You heard him. I wasn’t the one who
wanted to piss you off.” Dex crouched down and held a hand out. Please don’t bite me. Please don’t bite me.
Sloane blinked before jumping up on his two back paws, his front paws pushing
against Dex’s shoulders and knocking him onto his back. Sloane pinned him, and
Dex braced himself. When Sloane started licking his face, Dex shut his eyes
tight. “Okay, I get it. Payback. Take notes people.” Dex pointed at his partner.
“This is what I meant about payback.”
“Agent Brodie, if you’ll resume your place
beside your partner. Agent Daley, you may return to your mat.”
Sloane did as asked, and Dex wiped at his face
with his sleeve before returning to his spot. He was never more grateful not to
have ended up partnered with Ash than he was at this moment.
“Once you have assessed your partner and
deduced he or she is irate, you will want to give your partner space. If you
feel it’s safe to approach, you will do so with caution. Deal with what’s
causing the issue. For example, Agent Fuller, please approach Agent Daley.
The moment Agent Fuller got to his feet,
Sloane’s ears twitched. “Um, I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” Dex said,
watching Agent Fuller creep toward Dex, as if Sloane hadn’t noticed. The Human
rookie was clearly unaccustomed to dealing with Felids. “My partner’s a little
on the grumpy side and poking the sleeping jaguar with a pointy stick might not
end so well.”
Agent Fuller paused, his panicked gaze going to
their instructor.
“It’s all right, Agent Fuller. Proceed.”
Doing as instructed, Agent Fuller resumed his
prowl, while Sloane resumed his grooming of Dex, his heavy tail thumping
against the floor. Uh-oh.
“As you can see by Agent Brodie’s movements,
he’s fully aware of Agent Fuller. His tail is telling Agent Fuller to be
cautious, Agent Daley is his, and he will not take kindly to any aggression
toward his partner.”
Dex held up a finger. “Can I just—”
“Please stand, Agent Daley.”
Dex did as asked, and Sloane released a huff at
having his grooming session interrupted. This was going to end badly. Dr.
Eldridge had no idea what he was about to unleash. Sloane Brodie chewed rookies
for breakfast and spit them out. Dex should know.
“Agent Fuller, please advance with the
intention of striking Agent Daley.”
Dex didn’t bother taking a stance or prepare
for a blow that would never land. His fellow rookies looked at him as if he was
crazy, but soon they’d understand. Poor Agent Fuller. The guy pulled back a fist
and the moment he took a step, Sloane’s roar echoed across the field. Ears
flattened, fangs bare, Sloane leapt toward Agent Fuller who screamed like a
preteen at a Bieber concert and made tracks across the field, Sloane on his
heels looking mighty pissed.
“Thank you, Agent Brodie,” the instructor
called out.
Agent Brodie wiped his ass with their
instructor’s polite orders and chased Agent Fuller down the length of the
grassy pitch. Dex glanced around. “So which of you is a medic?”
A few shaky hands went up.
“Great. Get ready for the next lesson. How to
patch up a Human scratching post.”


About the Author

Charlie Cochet is an author by day and artist by night. Always quick to succumb to the whispers of her wayward muse, no star is out of reach when following her passion. From Historical to Fantasy, Contemporary to Science Fiction, there’s bound to be plenty of mischief for her heroes to find themselves in, and plenty of romance, too!

Currently residing in South Florida, Charlie looks forward to migrating to a land where the weather includes seasons other than hot, hotter, and boy, it’s hot! When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found reading, drawing, or watching movies. She runs on coffee, thrives on music, and loves to hear from readers.
You can find Charlie at


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