HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Evernight Publishing …

Roll out the Red Carpet ~ Evernight Celebrates Four Years of Publishing! #BDayBashBlogHop



Roll out the Red Carpet ~ Evernight Celebrates Four Years of Publishing! #BDayBashBlogHop

Join authors, bloggers and reviewers as we take a RED CARPET tour featuring Evernight’s smart and sexy books. Slip on your virtual stilettos and walk the red carpet of award winning titles, spectacular reviews and paparazzi style interviews.

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My spotlight shines on …Prowling the Vet by Tamsin Baker



Perfect Pairs, 1

Laura is a veterinarian in a country town near the spectacular Canadian Rocky Mountains. She’s intelligent, beautiful, over-sized, and not interested in a relationship with any man. When she literally gets knocked off her feet by a pair of  twins, she’s horrified to find she can’t resist the attraction. 

Brandon and Tyler have been waiting for their perfect mate since they were teenagers. Brandon’s buried himself in alcohol and women, but Tyler’s so lonely it hurts. When they meet the voluptuous Laura they must pull together to win the heart of their fated mate, and prove why a Perfect Pair of mountain lion shifters are exactly what she needs.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex


Brandon soaped up his hands and massaged his balls, groaning with the ache that throbbed in his gut. He needed a fuck, a good, long root.

“Then why the hell did you turn Stacey down again, you idiot?” he muttered to himself and washed the soap off his body.

Stacey was hot and she was easy. He just flipped her over and fucked her, and she came all over him. It was satisfying, “and fucking dirty.”

Yeah, and not in the good way.

He growled in disgust and stepped out of the shower, toweling himself down, and heading into his bedroom.

“What time did she say she’d be here?” he called out to his twin, his voice deep and rough.

He’d never felt this unsettled before, even when he was twenty-one and wild. He wanted to run. He wanted to fight, and oh God, did he need a fuck!

This was all Laura’s fault.

“About eight-thirty,” Tyler called back. Brandon looked at the clock and saw eight twenty-two. Not much longer and she’d be here. In their home, where she belonged.

He pulled on some new tight jeans and a white singlet that clung to his chest, foregoing any underwear. That’d only slow her down. He glanced in the mirror and flexed his biceps to make the muscles bulge. Laura liked his body, so he may as well show it off to his best advantage. He adjusted his stiff cock in his pants and groaned as pleasure tingled over him.

“I think she’s here.”

Brandon closed his eyes and tilted his head back to listen with his acute hearing. He could hear an engine turn off, a door open, then close, and shoes moving on their path.

The doorbell chimed and Brandon opened his eyes again and rolled his shoulders as though getting ready for a sparring match. She better be worth all this torture.

Tyler had headed to the front door, so Brandon padded out into the lounge, feeling his cat raise its head and purr. She was here.

Laura stepped into the sunlit hallway and Brandon’s heart kicked out like a horse’s hoof against a barn door.

He groaned, pressed a hand to his chest, and stared at her. What was it about this woman that made him feel like this?

Her lovely, long hair was tied up, harshly drawn back away from her face. Her usually glowing skin was pale and slightly sweaty, yet Brandon couldn’t imagine her looking more beautiful.

“Hey, Brandon. You okay?” Laura looked straight at him, concern written over her face. She dropped her bag and stepped toward him.

His cat leapt up and took control. He didn’t expect it and gasped, pushing down with all his strength, but he lost the battle. He felt his control slip away from his fingers like a dream disappearing back into the night.

“Tyler!” Brandon groaned and staggered back, feeling the shift come upon him.

Every inch of his skin heated and changed, cinnamon fur sprouting out as he fell onto his knees, his limbs morphing into the lean legs of the Rocky Mountain lion.

He looked up to see his brother holding their woman. She was staring at him, her mouth gaped open but not speaking.

Brandon stared at her through his lion eyes, damning himself for slipping like that. Such an adolescent move.

He dropped to the floor in the most nonthreatening position he could manage and flicked his eyes up at her. She continued to stare at him and something within him stirred to life. He began to purr with happiness, his lion half supremely happy to finally be within reach of her.

“It’s okay, Laura. I’m sorry, I meant to explain before Brandon shifted, but he couldn’t control it.”

Laura stared at him unblinkingly and he stared back. He didn’t dare move in case he spooked her. He’d never forgive himself if she ran now.

“He…what?” Laura moved back and forward on her feet, shuffling like someone deciding whether she wanted to run or stay.

Please stay, sweetheart. I need to feel your pussy around my cock at least once.

Brandon was feeling calmer now, his blood was cooler, and he could feel his humanity within reach. It was time to shift back. They needed to talk.

He leaned back on his hind legs and let it happen naturally, without forcing it. Watching his brother with Laura in human form made him yearn to touch her, too, with his own hands.

He rolled up and into his body, feeling his bulk stretch and fill out his skin. His clothes were in a puddle on the floor and he didn’t want to step back into them.

Laura screamed and bolted around the couch, holding onto the leather with both hands as she glared at him.

“Don’t you ever do that again without warning me first! Do you understand?”

Brandon laughed, shocked into it by Laura’s characteristically unusual reaction. Fuck, he loved that woman.

No! Oh, hell, I do.

Brandon sobered quickly and nodded. “Yeah, okay.” The fact that she was inferring to the future made him smile, but he tried to remember how strange it must have been for her to see such a thing.

Laura blew out a breath and stood up straighter, her hands relaxing their death grip on the couch.

“Okay, wow. Okay…”

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