Cafe in the Park by Elodie Parkes

Cafe in the Park by +Elodie Parkes
Sizzling contemporary romance with paranormal threads
Publisher: Siren Bookstrand


Café in the Park
Emily joins a dating agency, she never expects to meet someone like Chris.
Everything she ever hoped for in a man, he’s special in more ways than one.
Their intense attraction to each other is fueled by their shared loneliness.
Will Emily find out his shocking secret when someone from his past comes back
to haunt him?
can love blossom, when someone is trying to tear them apart?
This is erotic, contemporary romance that sizzles. It has paranormal and suspense threads. Siren has classified it as ‘sexstreme’ so you can expect it to be hot.
Inspiration behind the
seeing a number of new advertisements for a leading matching site, into my head
dropped the idea of a lonely woman who joins a dating site and actually meets
her dream man.
couldn’t let him be a normal man, because I don’t really believe in the reality
of internet dating. (smiles)
Donato, my hero, had to be different, a fantasy, a paranormal character, so
that I could use the idea at all.
always been interested in ancient history and know a few legends that have
grown up around sacred sites across the world. I combined a legend about a lost
Roman legion and a legend from Native Americans to form the basis for why Chris
Donato is what he is.
premise still remains vague within the story because he must retain an air of
always fall in love with my characters. Chris, and Emily, my heroine, are very
loveable. Emily is so recognizable, a pretty, intelligent woman, longing for
love and yet without the environment to find it. Chris is the quintessential
paranormal hero, a mystery, an enigma, and yet desperate for love because of
his life experiences. He’s also a modern hero, a singer and guitar player in a
rock band, and a competent businessperson. He’s sexy, kind, gorgeous, adorable,
and something else…
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excerpt choice one
opened the door.
sight took his breath away. She was dressed in a simple, short, dark-blue shift
dress, but it touched her curves exactly right. His gaze strayed to her bare
thighs, and then with a smile he raised his eyes to hers.
you look beautiful. I’m early, I know.”
nodded and smiled. “It doesn’t matter. It’s great to see you.” She opened the
door wider. “Come in.”
stepped into the hall. It brought them to stand very close together. His heart
pounded. Will she see my jacket move with
the force of this pounding?
probably loud enough for her to hear.
He stared at her. Conviction she was
meant to be his, that they were destined for each other, gave him courage. He
held out his arms.
went into them, molding her body against his, her arms sliding around his neck.
move enchanted Chris. His hips surged forward against her. He pressed his
erection onto her stomach. His arms around her waist, he bent his head slowly
to hers. The sexual tension between them lent an air of unreality to the
atmosphere. The moment his lips met hers Chris felt as if every muscle in his
body had dissolved. The floating sensation was exquisite. He savored her mouth.
He soaked up every brush of her breath, every inch of her body as she pressed
against him, her soft lips kissing him, her hands gentle in his hair. Delight
coursed through him. Low moans from them both added to the raw sexual
connection. His cock throbbed. His balls pulsed. He ran his hands down Emily’s
ass to cup her there, lift and hold her to his body as he thrust the bulge in
his pants against her.
broke the kiss to whisper a question against his lips. “Chris, did you book
dinner anywhere?”
took a breath. The loss of the kiss pulled his mouth back to hers. He kissed
her between words. “Why? No, I was hoping to take you to a quiet place a friend
recommended.” He kissed along her cheek to her ear and then down her neck. Her
skin was like silk. He rubbed his lips, nose, and cheek against it, tenderly,
loving the scent of her.
thought we might stay here for a while, unless you’re hungry…I…” Her murmured
words against his ear sent ripples of sensation down his stomach to his cock.
Elodie Parkes, 2014, Siren Publishing, All Rights Reserved
excerpt choice two
groaned. She wanted him. He sensed it. He scented her desire. The air vibrated,
saturated with sexual longing. “I’m hungry for you. I want you badly. I can’t
think straight for wanting you naked in my arms. I know we’ve just met. I’m
shook her head. “I want you, too.” She moved to take his hands. She led him
down her hall to a room.
they went through the door, Chris realized it was her bedroom. He saw the
balcony window he’d stared through before.
turned and offered her dress zipper to him. The movement of her hair released a
clean yet heady perfume.
fumbled for a second. The nape of her neck enticed him. He kissed her shoulder
as he pulled down the zip. When his fingers encountered her panties he moved
back to watch as she shook the dress from her shoulders, and down her arms. It
slipped to the floor, past her hips. She stood before him, and his breath left
him. Her bra was barely there, her panties like a tiny band of lace. He
gathered her into his arms slowly, fighting down the urge to pull her to the
floor and fuck her hard.
merged his lips with hers in a kiss that closed his eyes with lust. His body
heavy with desire, his cock painfully hard, strained at his clothes. The
pressure of her fingers as she unfastened his pants sent a buzz of excitement
over his skin. Tonight he’d worn a suit. The pants came undone easily, and her
fingertips trailed over the head of his cock. A groan formed in his throat. He
shuddered as she grasped his cock.
make me come. I’m out of practice. That feels great.” His voice sounded
strange. He shook as sweat beaded on his forehead.
let him go carefully. “You’re hot.” She laughed. “I mean you’re warm. Let’s get
these clothes off you.”
Elodie Parkes, 2014, Siren Publishing, All Rights Reserved
G rated: choice one
was at a premium, and it took some time to find a spot. She had to walk back
down the street for a good way to the bar. Her stilettos clattered on the
sidewalk as she sped up her pace. She wanted to be in the audience when Chris
came on stage.
there was no queue, she stepped up to the door and offered payment.
guy in the booth taking the entrance fee looked her up and down.
was stunned for a few seconds. Then she shrugged and answered. “Emily McKenzie,
grinned. “Right answer. In you go, no charge. Chris said you’d get here about
raised her eyebrows. “Have you asked every woman that’s rocked up in the last
ten minutes their name?”
guy shook his head. “You fit the description. The band will be on any second.”
went through the black double swing-doors into the bar.
darkness enveloped her. There was no smoke, but the air was pungent with
different perfumes and tangy with alcohol as people passed close to her.
eyes adjusted, and she made her way through the crowded dance floor to the
front rows of people, just as the band came on stage.
saw Chris instantly. He looked great, dressed in a black T-shirt and jeans. His
hair ruffled back, and his Wayfarers on, he strode on stage carrying his
guitar. Lights played on the band as the lead singer and Chris stepped up to a
crowd murmured. A collective wave of bodies swayed forward.
felt as if she’d never heard his voice, never seen him before. He was
different, cool, composed, charming the crowd with just those words.
waited, the atmosphere charged with anticipation, and then the music started.
watched in awe. They were excellent. Both the lead singer and Chris complemented
each other perfectly. She didn’t recognize the song, and then they covered a
hit she recognized. She loved the way Chris moved. His hips, his long legs, and
the angle of his jaw captured her gaze. He was so gorgeous she could hardly
believe he’d been in her arms in her bed that morning.
the band finished a third song, he stared right at her. He must see me. She smiled, not really believing he could see her
in the darkness. He smiled back at her. Her heart lifted. A swell of happiness
brought more smiles to her face. He can
see me.
She raised her hand slightly in a little wave.
Elodie Parkes, 2014, Siren Publishing, All Rights Reserved
Café in the Park
released September 9
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About Elodie:

Elodie Parkes is a British author writing romance, erotic, contemporary, and often with a twist of mystery, paranormal or suspense. Her books are always steamy, cool stories and hot love scenes.

Elodie lives in Canterbury with her two dogs. She works in an antique shop by day and writes at night, loving the cloak of silent darkness that descends on the rural countryside around her home.

Elodie writes for, Hot Ink Press, Moon Rose Publishing, Eternal Press, Secret Cravings, Evernight, Siren and Ra Jones Anthology

She has also released titles as an individual indie author.

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