DReviewHappy Sunday Morning… This review post will include several books that have been read lately by Beckey, the owner of In The Pages of a Good Book. Each cover is linked to the Goodreads page…

Three Times Lucky: Five Sizzling Tales of Three-Way Love

Since the day she rescued her Earthlings, Trevini of Mersenne, has tried and failed to get her two males to lower their inhibitions and bring them together in the traditional triad of her planet. Though fighting their own attraction not only to Trevini, but to each other, all astronauts Markov Gauss and Pell Perrin want is for the beautiful alien who saved them is to choose between them. However, after almost losing her life, Trevini must somehow convince Markov and Pell that she is made for two. –Made For Two by Kim Carmichael.

While Nyx loves her husband,Kiernan, she knows something is missing. When sexy Reve comes on the scene will it split them apart, or create more passion than they’ve ever known? In’Darkest Dreams,’ Solera Winters presents a ménage tale about the Greek gods of night, darkness and dreams. –Darkest Dreams by Solera Winters.

Will Ivanka realize the truth of being in a triad or will her fear of ultimate rejection hold her back from total happiness? – A Perfect Fit by Sascha Illyvich

High-powered executive, Dana Richards can’t seem to get enough of his favorite exotic dancers at the Red Panther Gentleman’s Club. Ray, Anne and Kyra are the feature act; putting on a vampire performance you can sink your teeth into–complete with fangs, and the sexual lure only a creature of the night can offer. But when Kyra makes Dana a proposition he can’t refuse, some intimate playtime, the arrogant executive gets more than he bargained for: The sex of his life. Plus two, undeniably real vampires. –Playtime by Dorothy F. Shaw

What can happen in three days? When three friends–Tommy, Zack and Shannon–come together, the oddball threesome discovers they share some intense sexual fantasies. While reminiscing about old times, more than the usual stories come out. It’ll take some stripped-down honesty, heated arguments and naughty bedtime tales for a Ménage By Monday. –Menage by Monday by Louisa Bacio


ReviewThe entire book was an interesting anthology of ménage stories by some amazing authors that will delight readers with each story told in unique way. Imaginative and creative tales that relationships can be more than the normal equation…


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Jamaican TemptationBlurbDetermined to forget a childhood full of poverty, shopaholic Kyra Mays decides to shop for a rich man on her Jamaican vacation. Instead, she meets Justin Lance, a white reggae singer who’s nearly as poor as the orphans he devotes his life to helping. Overwhelmed by his magnetism, she decides to have a fling with him.

All that matters to Justin is being a perfect Rastafarian. Spiritually driven, he vows to avoid succumbing to temptation with the dark beauty at all costs. Unable to keep their hands off each other, they forge a bond that is just as emotional as physical as they explore their differences on the lush island of Jamaica. But Justin’s troubling secret will put their ability to compromise through an impossible test.
Review Let me start by saying this is different than other books that are written by this author. Many I have thoroughly enjoyed…

When I read the dedication and thru out the book it reminded me of Bob Marley’s music especially this song:

As you read the story you can tell there was an attraction between the two main characters. And it made you wonder what was going to happen with them. The ending portrayed to me as a HFN cause you to me personally are just that words and acts speak mountains. So it was up in the air if…

The one thing I really disliked was the religion bit, yeah sure it was necessary to a point but… Both characters are set in their ways and stubborn.

Overall a 3.5 stars.

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Bite MarkBlurbLife in London as a butcher girl is hard enough, but when my best friend Denny goes missing without a trace it becomes miserable. So finding clues to his whereabouts and then stumbling one foggy morning into the Worshipful Company of the Ancient Order is like a breath of fresh air. Not least because sexy sophisticated Aimery has promised to help me when no one else will.

But Aimery has a best friend and it seems Ryle wants in on the action. My head begins to spin, my body reacting to theirs whenever I’m around them. But there are questions I need answering. What is their obsession with my rare blood type? How do they always appear just when I need them? And exactly how old are they?

Learning the truth about my lovers brings new fears and delights. They take me higher than I’ve ever gone before, show me delights I never imagined existed and are prepared to kill to keep me safe. Being mortal has never been so much fun, or so deliciously dangerous.

Claw Mark
BlurbBeing married to two sexy vampires is as exciting as it is dangerous. One minute I’m on top of the world, ecstasy my best friend, the next I’m running for my life. But it’s okay with Aimery and Ryle at my side-they’ve sworn to love and protect me and keep me satisfied until I’m old and tray.

But when everything crashes down, literally, I can see no way out of the darkness-death my best option. Until, that is, two unusual men who live in the Canadian Rockies come bounding to my aid.

Gentle Caleb and prickly Isaac have secrets. They’re full of passion, desire, love and lust and their isolated lives weaved with mystery. But I know what they are. I’m not completely naive. I’m also craving some serious satisfying, a distraction from my dilemma, and it seems these guys are up for the job. Will I ever be normal again? Or will my life always be turbulent, terrifying and tempting beyond belief? Nothing is certain in a world of vampires and shifters.

ReviewLet me start by saying you will need both books before even starting to read this tempting delicious series since the first one ends on a cliffhanger of sorts.

These two books are both unique and HOT…

Unique being the creative way of the characters that Lily used, to the rare blood type the one had…

As for hot, YOWZA…

Captivating  page turning story that had me wanting to see how the story unfolded and where it was going to go.

The author, Lily Harlem,  has a creative and widely diverse writing style and subject matters that will captivate and grab any reader with the different erotic stories that she writes about.

5 stars

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Light a Candle for the Beast
Blurb If you’ve ever been caught in a riptide, pulled down into the water, then you know me. Or, more accurately, what I’m like when I’m angry.

Delia was beautiful, smart, and kind. He wasn’t. He said he loved her, but he didn’t know what love was. He was manipulative and cruel—more than a thief. A beast.

All she wanted was a rose…

These are the words on my sister’s grave. Her sadness, her obsession, forever a reminder I didn’t–couldn’t save her.

I’m not vindictive or cruel. I’m simply as the river–my memory is winding and my reach is long. I watched him steal her beauty, her essence. Watched him become a beast. He thought he’d get away with it, thought he’d go free.

I lay a rose upon my sister’s grave.

Light a candle for the beast.

ReviewThis was a unique take on a different way to tell the story… Fast paced easy quick read. Excellent descriptive and flow. The story was a short.