The Curvy Vet and the Billionaire Cowboy (He Wanted Me Pregnant!) by Victoria Wessex (A Review)

The Curvy Vet and the Billionaire Cowboy (He Wanted Me Pregnant!)

Curvy veterinarian scientist Amanda has never been comfortable with her body. She hides away in her lab in Atlanta, burying herself in her work…until a call from a stranger drags her out of the city and into the wilderness.

Former oil man Russ Tyler has made his billions and bought himself a stud farm in Wyoming. He needs Amanda to treat a feral horse high in the mountains…but that means persuading the timid beauty to trek there with him on horseback.

Amanda’s used to soy lattes, not camping out under the stars with a gorgeous, muscled cowboy. Can Russ convince her that he loves her curves…and wants her to have his children?

A Review(by Beckey)

Let start by saying the title had me do a double take of what the heck…. “he wanted me pregnant!” Come on… what the devil is a that … (If the author was going for a shock factor on the title then she got that and then some…)

I am not for the wham bam thank you ma’am, now lets get married plot and story line that will leave most anyone scratching their head asking did that really happen… ok, quick read that that sweet and cute to a point and the writing style was good for a free read.

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