Her Secret Pleasure (Secrets #1) by Jordan Bell (A Review)

Her Secret PleasureWhat happens when the man you spend your nights with isn’t the man you long for?

For Kara Mahoney, all of her secrets are tied to one man – Sean Castle. He was her first everything – her first kiss, her first love, and the first man to discover her obedient, sexual passions and dominate them. He was also her first heartbreak.

Six years later and her nights are spent with wealthy Marcus Giovanni who takes full advantage of her submissive vulnerability. He drives her wild, but he’s not who she dreams about surrendering to. Their complicated relationship is kept secret from the paparazzi who’d destroy her if they ever found out their city’s favorite bachelor spent his nights with a curvy size twelve nobody.

Everything changes when Kara receives the purple envelope in the mail bearing an invitation to the opening of a wicked adult restaurant called Wonderland where guests are transported to a world of tantalizing, guiltless appetites. It turns out not only is Sean Castle the Chef de cuisine at Wonderland, he’s also part owner with his brother Zach.

When Kara and Sean are reunited in the days leading up to the grand opening, old passions become hard to resist. Sean struggles against reclaiming the girl he thought he’d given up six years before and Kara’s body threatens to betray her by surrendering to the man she hates as much as she loves.

A Review(by Beckey)

I wasn’t sure about the story when read the synopsis but someone said it was good one… But as I began reading this is was captivating read that drawn me… Fast paced quick read that was interesting in some section and aggravating in others but overall a ok good read..

Delectable, pleasant, steamy erotic romance.

Looking forward to reading other by the author.

About the Author:

Jordan Bell is a romance writer, coffee lover, book reader, and sometimes superhero. She writes primarily in the BBW subgenre of romance, preferring to tell stories about curvy women like herself and millions of other awesome ladies who don’t fit the “average” portrayed by most media.

Jordan has written eleven books with THE CURVY SISTER hitting the Amazon Bestseller. All of her books are steamy new adult reads where the romance never fades to black, characters are always flawed and beautiful in their own unique ways, and villains are not always mustache twirling evil-doers.

In her spare time, Jordan hangs out on Facebook, loves coffee shops, over-sized hoodies, and red lipstick. She loves latte art, street art, and Jean-Léon Gérôme. In her spare time, she plays video games, practices yoga, and is an avid runner.



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