Call Me Miz by Gem Sivad (A Review….)

Call Me MizMasseuse, hedgewitch, healer… Although Missouri Hess can take pain and illness away with her touch, and pull truth from a liar every time, she considers her strange talents a curse. Being a healer is a lonely existence when the people you help, shun your truth-telling side. Nevertheless when misery calls, Miz is compelled to answer.

Thomas Hunter is a government agent and a member of an elite Special Forces team—emphasizing the word special. In human form, Thomas is a mouth-watering hunk of rippling muscles. Since he’s in Bitter Creek Holler to meet the local werewolves, he’s spending most of his time prowling the woods as a jaguar, ready to greet shifters in parlay or meet the enemy with fang and claw.

But Thomas doesn’t know the area, or realize until too late, that he’s become prey. When Miz rescues his furry form from a conibear trap, the beast in him claims her as his own. It’s up to Thomas to work out the details and convince the bewitching healer she’s his mate.

A Review(by Beckey)

Miz is Back… Call Me Miz (Is what Gem’s newsletter said… I read this book back in 2013 but since then Gem regained her rights to the book and self-published the book. I thought what better time is it to do a throwback and publish a review of the book since it was prior to the start of my blog. )

Excellently written story that was enjoyable and captivating. Uniquely told story about a feisty heroine witch and a shape shifter Jaguar. A delightful mix heating, plot and storyline that had unexpected and expected twists and turns.

4.5 stars

About The Author:

Gem Sivad submitted her first manuscript in 2008. That novel, Intimate Strangers, won the prestigious 2010 EPIC Award and founded her Eclipse Heat series, published by Ellora’s Cave.

Although her first love remains American historical romance, she also writes a contemporary, erotic paranormal series about a modern-day healer named Miz.

Whether she’s writing in a nineteenth century setting or in the paranormal world of witches and shifters, Gem’s heroines are always resilient, resourceful, and smart and her heroes are both dangerous and hot!

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