Carnal Vengeance (A Review)

Carnal Vengeance

Holly Kaufman was one of a group of young coeds sexually violated by fraternity brothers playing a cruel game. With nowhere to turn, the girls formed a support group. Two decades later, they are still meeting. Only now, revenge is the only item on the agenda. To see their abusers pay for what they did, Holly must feed information to a reporter without implicating the group, and David Wells is the best man for the job. David smells a prize-winning story and Holly Kaufman looks like his best bet for unearthing the truth. Although seduction is his preferred tool for getting information from a woman, he’s unprepared for being the one seduced. When the former frat boys start turning up dead and minus a certain organ, Holly wants out. Unfortunately she’s a prime suspect and her only hope of being proven innocent lies with the man who is reawakening her passion and cannot be trusted.

A Review(by Beckey)

This was a difficult to finish read for me personal.. This a dark romance with mystery, I am going to say the romance part seemed off and forced to work for the book. The ending wasn’t what I predicted or thought would of happened …

Overall an ok story to pass the time. 3 stars