Ward of The Vampires by Kallysten (A Review of the complete series)

Ward of the Vampire

Book 1:

It’s THE party of the season. Socialites, artists and A-list stars have been invited to Morgan Ward’s birthday bash, including Angelina’s boss, Delilah.

For months, Angelina has been looking at the preparations from afar, but never did she imagine that, come the day, Miss Delilah would put her in a gorgeous gown and bring her along as her ‘plus one.’

Wandering from crowded room to crowded room in the sumptuous mansion, Angelina grows overwhelmed and escapes onto a balcony, only to find it occupied by her host. That first meeting leaves her struggling for her very life, but she soon gets an unexpected do-over.

Meeting Morgan Ward for the first time all over again, Angelina finds herself falling into his arms… But is it all only a fantasy?

A Review(by Beckey)

Tis the party of the century when some started receiving the blue envelopes back in August, celebrating Ward’s Birthday in December.

When Angelina’s boss, Delilah (Ward’s sister) asks her come to condo the night of the party, she unexpectedly invited to “tag” along as Delilah’s plus one. Delilah has some surprises up her preverbal shelve with some unique twist and turns.

I found the character, Angelina slightly annoying in the beginning of the book because she gave the mystery of the book away but hey whatever… I found myself not wanting to put the book down after the annoying part was done and out of the way.

The book ended not on a cliff hanger but left this reader wanting to read more and looking forward to it as well.

My Reluctant WardenWhen her boss brought her to the party of the season, Mr. Ward’s birthday bash, Angelina thought she had slipped on Cinderella’s shoes.

Book 2:

Now that she is compelled to remain in the mansion, trapped with a host who was only pleasant to her in a shared fantasy, the dream abruptly turns sour.

Under other circumstances, she might enjoy staying in an opulent guest suite, with a butler waiting on her every desire. But her cage, as gilded as it may be, remains a prison, and her host, even if he wishes she were gone, is still her warden.

As she struggles to get used to the situation, she can’t figure out what to think of Morgan Ward, a man who claims to be a vampire, who at times ignores her and at times shows himself unexpectedly thoughtful. A man she’s attracted to despite her better judgment.

However, an unexpected conversation with her boss may give her no choice but to get much closer to Morgan than she’s ready for…

A Review(by Beckey)

This is part two in the series and continues about same place the last book stops at.
Angelina is mentally trapped in Mr. Ward’s home after the hypnotic suggestion that her employer, Delilah place on her. Angelina is a gift (an unwanted one, to boot.) of sorts for Mr. Ward from his sister Delilah. Unable to locate Delilah, Mr. Ward has went and retrieved her belongs from her apartment for her and places her in one of the rooms in his home.
Delilah has few tricks up her sleeve and tosses another suggestive hypnotic suggestion to Angelina via a Skype message. But will it be one that will allow her to leave or making her do something that neither of them wants.
And what was up with that shoe scene, what away to some women’s hearts…
The story was interestingly written and the series so far is seems to be getting better with each book. I am looking forward to read the next book to see what happens next.
The book was a solid four star read.

Awkward Holidays (Ward of the Vampire Serial)Book 3:

Trapped in the Ward mansion with a reluctant and standoffish host – a vampire she should be afraid of but can’t help being attracted to – Angelina is preparing herself for grim, lonely holidays.

When her parents unexpectedly decide to visit, the situation, far from improving, only grows more complicated. They look forward to visiting New York with her, but how can she explain that she’s unable to leave the mansion? For that matter, what will they say when they realize she lives with a millionaire?

A hastily concocted excuse smoothes things over, but now Angelina finds herself having to work closely with Morgan Ward. It wouldn’t be so bad if Morgan was as pleasant to her as he is to her parents, but his mercurial moods leave her confused and frustrated. It doesn’t help that he seems no closer to finding a way for her to leave his house.

The New Year brings change with a startling kiss and an even more surprising guest… or is it more of the same?

A Review(by Beckey)

Angelina is still suck in Ward’s home…the setting is during the holidays.
Angelina was scheduled to visit with her parents but with the problem that she has with not being able to leave Ward’s home, she cancels. Her parents are very adamant about she their daughter they book a flight to come her but they don’t know about why she is staying Wards home.
How will she explain? Most importantly will Angeline or Ward figure out a way for leave for Angelina to be able to leave?

I found the book to be interesting, captivating & well written. Overall enjoyable story that I would rate a solid 5 star. Looking forward the next installment that is due to come out in October, A Cowards Way Out.

The Coward's Way OutBook 4:

When she was first trapped in the Ward mansion, an unwanted guest to millionaire and vampire Morgan Ward, Angelina could think of nothing else but how to break the compulsion that kept her prisoner. Her reluctant warden was certainly sexy and intriguing, but his standoffish behavior was outputting to say the least.

After a couple of weeks, however, after several ‘mind-trips’ into a fantasy reality in which Morgan is a perfect gentleman – and perfect lover – Angelina finds herself falling for him and struggling to understand why he tries so hard to push her away. How can a man be charming and attentive one minute… and yet deliberately infuriating the next?

A visit from Irene, this time more interested in a stroll down memory lane than in murder, starts to explain Morgan’s fears. But can Angelina break down his barriers before it’s finally time to leave, or will his past prove to be too deep of a wound to heal?

A Review(by Beckey)

The Cowards Way Out, another installment in The Ward Series but be warned the ending is one that Oh My Goodness…
I do recommend to read the first three installments to this series beforehand.
This was an interesting read to a point, Delilah FINALLY releases Angelina from the compulsion that has kept her there at Morgan’s mansion (or is it…) for the last couple of weeks. In the book you also get to read about “mother” and the … that she is telling Angelina about Morgan’s past….
Angelina realizes that she has feeling for her but Morgan is being Morgan (at least that is how I am getting it as I have read the three prior).
I am so looking forward to the next installment. This series so far has been a great series to read…

HomewardBook 5:

When Angelina decides to put some distance between Morgan and herself, she is certain it is the right thing to do. It isn’t fear of his vampire fangs that motivates her, nor the fact that she’s been maneuvered into his life by Morgan’s meddling family, but rather the realization that he needs time to be ready for a relationship.

Her certainty that this is the correct course of action doesn’t last long.

Between nosy friends, regular text messages, impromptu lunches at the mansion and an invitation to have tea with Miss Delilah and the blood-chilling Irene, her resolve is quickly tested. And when she’s offered a private flight to the nearest thing to paradise on Earth to save Morgan from himself, she can’t say no anymore.

This trip, however, turns out much different from what she expected…

A Review(by Beckey)

This is the last book in the Ward of the Vampires series… and the ending was to me HFN ending that could of been more  Overall interesting, enjoyable and good finish to  this series. And yes Ward …

Kudos to Kallysten with this different vampire story.

About the Author:

Kallysten is a writer of romance novels and short stories, most of them with paranormal elements.

Her first eBooks were published by Linden Bay Romance in 2005. The defunct Venus Press subsequently published a few of her short stories. Because so many of her stories are linked as series and part of the same universe, she decided it would make sense to have them all in the same place, which is why she self-published, first with the co-op Alinar Publishing and now on her own. When she sees calls for submissions that speak to her muse, she sometimes tries for them, and was published this way by Samhain and Torquere.