Hot Water by Callie Sparks (A Review)

Hot Water (Elements of Love, #1)Cicily Chase can’t stand the idea of spending her last summer before college in a cramped office. But that’s exactly where she’ll be, as summer intern at a stuffy investment firm.

Caden Williams is brilliant, gorgeous, and much older. Not to mention that he’s Cicily’s boss, and very, very taken. A relationship between them can’t happen.

But some things are simply unavoidable. Soon, they’re both in hot water, and they might not be able to escape before it’s over their heads.

A Review (by Beckey)

This story had some potential but to me it fell a little flat on the execution of how the story played out since the flow seemed slightly off. Then add in the characters immaturity… The author was right on with the Taboo part of it. Overall I can honestly rate this book between 3.5 and 4 stars…

About the Author:

Callie Sparks writes for the hell of it. An office drudge by day, she alternates her time on the east and west coasts, where she’s planning more stories involving the characters introduced in Hot Water, and having way too much fun messing with fictional peoples’ lives.