Dream Across Time by CR Moss (A Review)

Dream Across Time

A woman in love. A ghost in need. A man possessed.

Evelyn Sheridan is in love with Raritan Manor Ranch’s resident ghost, Quinn, but can only experience his embrace in her dreams.

Quinn VanAlder, who doesn’t realize he’s a ghost, loves Eve and wishes she’d stop saying they can’t be together.

While at the ranch, Alex VanAlder arrives for a visit, and Evelyn’s hopes rise. Perhaps she will be able to have a real relationship after all. Alex, though, has no interest in Evelyn. Yet, every time the house cat, Myrddin, comes around, Alex feels like a man possessed and wants Eve with a passion.

Caught between loving a ghost and putting up with a man who can’t make up his mind, Evelyn is at a loss. Can the magic of the ranch help Evelyn to stop being caught between two worlds?

A Review by Beckey:

I love the writing style of CR Moss…This one which is a part of series was just amazing as her other books she has written.

Captivating reading that will have you wonder if dreams are just that or something more. And finding that one equal match may be somewhere at some point in time… and that if you find love and your equal match that it will cross time and space to be…

Wonderful. Touching. Cute. Contemporary Romance Read that once you start it will have you devouring it in one sitting…

4.5 stars…

About the Author:

An eccentric and eclectic writer, C.R. Moss pens stories for the mainstream and erotic markets, giving readers Worlds of Possibilities. For more about the woman behind the keyboard, visit: www.crmoss.com