Breaking All The Barriers by Cait Jarrod

Breaking All BarriersCan a single kiss change your life?
Businessman Cole Dunbar stays focused inventing the latest techno gadgets. When he learns of his deceased wife’s betrayal, he shuts the door on any personal relationships. There’s just one problem—the sexy Dina Wright who lives down the hall. He can’t keep her out of his thoughts and fantasies. When he sees her frightened on a New York City street, he tosses aside his reservations and reaches out to her.

Dina is high on life. Not only is she starting an advertising agency and her best friend is returning to NYC, an honest-to-God hunk is sending her spine-tingling looks. Despite past betrayals interfering, the budding romance picks up momentum, but Mother Nature spins her wrath. Amidst the chaos, Dina vanishes.

A Review by Beckey

This was a great surprising read that as you read it you know that there was going to be a plot twist but what happened wasn’t what you thought…

Overall a captivating and enjoyable contemporary romance with suspense and mystery … This one I can honestly say a 4.5 star read.