Her Mates by Susan Thomas (A Review)

Her Mates[Menage Amour: Erotic Menage Romance, F/M/M/M/M/M, Shape-shifting Were-Bears] When the five Dupries brothers first look upon the lush beauty destined to be their mate, they are awed and filled with lust. Alice has to come to terms with not only her raging desire for the five were-bear brothers but also the knowledge that she has become a ferocious and dangerous animal herself. The uncontrolled lust and cravings the Dupries brothers have ignited in her has Alice reeling to find a balance to make sense of what her life has come to mean. Will the love and devotion the five men besiege her with be enough to overcome the overwhelming knowledge that she is no longer who she thought she was? ** A Siren Erotic Romance

A Review by Beckey

*Cold shower may be require, intense & umm… all-righty then…

One female and 5 brother bring home their mate… Which one reason I didn’t like was the brother aspect.. other than that it was a fast paced page turning read that I devoured in matter of hours.

Overall I can say this was 3.5 for me.

About the author

Most of my life has been spent around animals, which is why I probably work in a veterinary office. Next to animals, my main passion is reading. I read tons and tons of books. I have so many favorite authors that there isn’t enough room on this page to list them. I have always written stories, but something about them didn’t ring true with me. When I read my first erotic book, on my Kindle, I was hooked. This was what I wanted to write.
I hope you enjoyed my books and continue with me on my journey of excitement and adventure. Not to mention hot, steamy, passionate sex. Oh La La.