His Perfect Wolf by Elle Boon (A Review)

His Perfect Wolf (Mystic Wolves, #2)

Niall Malik is alpha of the Mystic Wolves. His life revolved around protecting his pack and son. He planned to do this alone until finding an injured woman who stirred more than just his lust.

When Alaina Strop woke in the tattooed arms of a strange wolf shifter, all she could think of was getting closer. Having no memory was a small thing compared to the feelings she had for the growling man. Before she could give her mind and body to him, she needed to find out who she was, and be sure she didn’t belong to another. Though deep in her soul, she knew she was Nialls.

Danger came to Mystic as Alaina’s memory returned and her father came to claim her for another wolf. But Niall, the big bad alpha, had found his perfect wolf, and wasn’t about to let her go, no matter the cost.

A Review by Beckey

This story had more preverbal meat with details in some sections than the first book in the series , Accidentally Wolf, which was interesting to see. Like the description of the scents and few other details that were included in this book.

But there was other sections in this book that seemed rushed.

In Addition, here was few sections that had some typos like the name of a song that was list (Theory of Dead song was mislabeled-Correct title/name of the song is Bad Girlfriend, but in the book it was titled, Bad Girl Friend). Then there was a few run on sentences or the sentences seemed convoluted and bit confusing.

Overall this was good one to read and it gave you glimpse into who the next book will be about… Each story seems like it could be read as a standalone but the characters from each of the stories told are intertwined and have you wanting to read the other books.

Let me finish by saying thing this, if you like shifter stories like the ones written by Carrie Ann Ryan then this may be an author you may want to look at…

With the things that I found wrong and the positives this was a 4 stars.

About the Author

I’m a full-time wife and mother of two who has loved to read and write since childhood. I survived cancer and decided I could do anything, setting personal goals then and there. Four years later, after meeting many wonderful writers who allowed me to beta read for them, whom I can now call friends, I decided to write a book. Several years later I’ve attained my first goal, becoming a published author.

I love to write and have all kinds of stories in my head waiting to be written. The best part about my new journey is that if I don’t like it, I can re-write it, unlike real life, so I always make sure there’s a happy ending.

I’m creating new worlds, and I hope you all enjoy them with me. I can guarantee you’ll always have a hero or two you’ll love, and a heroine you’ll want to be.