Branded for You by Cheyenne McCray (A Review)

Branded for You (Riding Tall, #1)Megan Wilder doesn’t think there’s a man in this world who could love her just the way she is. After meeting sexy Ryan McBride, she suspects he might just be the one to change her mind.

With her family in danger of losing their restaurant and their home, a sudden illness has everything Megan thought was sure in her life crashing down around her. Finding out Ryan is the one responsible for threatening foreclosure shakes her very foundation.

Can Ryan and Megan succeed in overcoming their obstacles and fight for a love that was meant to be?

A Review by Beckey

This is one of those book that won’t be one for many since the plot of the book was shaky and seemed off… Premise/synopsis seemed like it would be a good one but the lack of execution of how the story is told and such. 3 stars