Teasing the Devil by Monica Belle (A Review)

Teasing the Devil (Xcite Erotic Romance Novels)There is a hint of the wicked about Julian d’Alveda, a darkness that fascinates pretty student Chloe Anthony. Keen to learn more about his scandalous activities, she joins him at Candle Street Hall in Norfolk, a house with a reputation darker still. Once there, she quickly finds herself drawn in like a moth to a flame, first as his lover, and then rather more as the full scope of his strange obsessions and desires becomes clear.

A Review by Beckey

This has very little story or plot (downside in my personal opinion) and hot woe there…. Oh my goodness, sex sex and more sex… When I read an erotic or erotica romance I like balance and this was FAR from being that. If your looking for a dose of Kink and Kinky Sex then this may be for you but it wasn’t for me… 3 stars.