Hidden Battles by Lindsay Avalon (A Review)

Hidden BattlesSometimes the most difficult battles are the ones we keep hidden…

When Brecken Grady dropped to one knee and proposed to Ariana Dubois, she couldn’t have been happier. They’d known each other since they were children and had loved each other for most of their lives. Not even his impending deployment as an Army Ranger could diminish her happiness. Within a year, however, Ari’s health begins to deteriorate, culminating with a diagnosis of an autoimmune disorder. In order to protect Breck from a potential future of having to care for her, she does the only thing she can think of: she breaks up with him and disappears.

Breck knows there’s more to the break up than the excuse Ari sends him over email. Determined to get answers, he will stop at nothing to track down the love of his life and bring her back where she belongs.

A Review by Beckey

An emotionally gut-wrenching read that will have you feeling a connection to the characters and wanting a better ending than it did and leaves you wondering what is next in their journey… 4 stars for this touching and captivating read…