Flavors of Ecstasy I (Anthology Collection) (A Review)

Flavors of Ecstasy IFrench Kiss by Solane Ayre – Amaryllis Gardner suspects her fiancé, Dr. Brendan Bradford, is marrying her to achieve social position. Suspicious of Brendan’s visit to a brothel, she disguises herself as a French prostitute and they engage in a passionate encounter. As their cravings intensify, Amaryllis fears he desires the wanton prostitute more than his prim fiancée.

Hungry Like a Wolf by Talya Bosco – Twelve months after being dumped by Alpha werewolf Ethan, Amanda is finally picking up the pieces. But the ties that bind the lovers are stronger than Ethan’s resolve to stay away. One sizzling touch, one passionate kiss, and their hunger explodes once more. But this time Ethan has a determined rival for Amanda’s affection…

Resisting Reed by Kristin Daniels – Are lustful thoughts of your best friend’s son a sinful pleasure or an act of betrayal? Reed has never hidden his desires from Marilee. Now free from her ex-husband, she finally gives in to temptation. But when their relationship is exposed, will Marilee lose a treasured friendship? Or will she be able to keep it all, including the man she loves?

Extra Sensual Perception by Debra Glass – Psychic Iris Thompson suspects a serial killer is to blame for a string of recent deaths. There have been three murders–but she psychically intuits four names. When Iris experiences erotic trances featuring the handsome fourth man, are her extra-sensual perceptions leading her to the next victim? Or the man of her dreams?

Having It All by Desiree Holt – When country-rock singer Mac Fontana got his big break, he and Daisy Giles celebrated by taking their intimacy further than ever before–then Mac broke Daisy’s heart. Now, ten years later, in one long night of erotic sex, Mac must prove to Daisy that she can trust him again, and that together, they can have it all.

Trapped by Cindy Spencer Pape – Intergalactic bounty hunters Tabrin Jones and Zeyd Vasari are trapped in a tiny escape pod. To make matters worse, the atmosphere in the pod is loosening their inhibitions. Amid a twenty-four hour sexual experience of a lifetime, will Zeyd be able to convince Tab they belong together forever?

A Review by Beckey

This was one of those anthologies that introduced me to a few new author and read something Desiree Holt … The stories included were variety of difference between them…Overall there was some that fell flat while others seemed really good. I will be looking for other by few of the authors. 3.5 stars .