Seduced by the Dad Bod (A Review with quotes in the review…)

Seduced by the Dad BodBy turns devastatingly erotic and incisive, this first installment of Lacey Noonan’s hot new summery saga will leave you questioning everything in your life.
Amanda is back from college and she’s bored to tears with her hometown and her boyfriend Jacob, who only seems to have eyes for his phone.
Bored to tears, that is, until she catches sight of a body—a body like a big, sweet sack of sugar—emerging from a pool one sunny afternoon. She’s seriously hot and bothered by its very presence. She can’t take her eyes off it—this body of a sexy, soft Adonis. He’s a chill dude who loves life and fun. He swims like a porpoise. He sings ‘90s hits. He plays volleyball with himself. He wants to get wild with water guns (he’s an ace with a Super Soaker). And he’s got a bod that just won’t quit. That’s right: A Dad Bod.

The problem is that the Dad Bod is her boyfriend’s father! Jacob’s dad is the Dad Bod she wants! Uh-oh.

What will Amanda do? Is she ready to take the journey of a lifetime—to jump onboard the Dad Bod Express? Will she ever return? Will she take life by the horns and be seduced into the world of the Dad Bod? Is she cool with what a Dad Bod considers to be consummation? Will summer ever end?

Find out what Amanda and the Dad Bod get up to in this very sexy and stunning story, the first installment in the new sweeping saga by Lacey Noonan: “The Chill Dad Summer Heat Series.”

Frankly, “Seduced by the Dad Bod” will leave you panting for more… more Dad Bod.

All characters are over 18.

A Review by Beckey

I gotta thank Sandra Bunino for sharing this in Bunino’s Bookalicious Babes group over on FB

Hilarious… The first being part of the title, the Dad Bod… LOL HAHA.

Then add in these lines:

“His moderate physical body that was like a tantalizing submarine made from cellulite answered a yearning inside me I was afraid to acknowledge; I could not look at him directly for fear of spontaneous orgasm.”

“Then Jacob’s dad looked down at me in my deck chair, and I suddenly felt very small and tender, like a chicken tender.”

“God, that body. What? Phew! Without warning, my mouth began salivating looking at Mr. Baldwin’s physique. Shirtless for the first time, I was granted the total view— all that I had been missing these years. He had a stomach like a small mountain, it went on and on, but seemed to be made not out of rocks and trees, but from the softest down cushioning, like smooth marble. His chest hung over the beer belly in two beefy cutlets, like two sandwich bags of fresh mozzarella, a patch of scraggly hair in the center like a welcome mat, with two smaller thickets of hair on his shoulders.”

“But he wasn’t fat. No, no. You couldn’t say that about him. Just that he didn’t give a shit about all the preening and primping, about hours in the gym, about all the high-maintenance bullshit of the world. Shit. His velvety body was aworld— a whole world of flesh that had known meals and drinks and known the pleasures of the carefree life. And suddenly I wanted to fall into the world of this carefree body and not come out. Not for days. Not ever. I was suddenly very, very hot. Hot for this dad’s bod.”

OMG I could go on with the riotous laughter that this book holds…

Now back to the Dad Bod bit… HAHA, I still find it funny… Why not write about them, the ones that let themselves go have zero tolerance to what is healthy and the industry standard of “sexy”with man-scaped well groomed body. Heck there is the stepbrother romances (which make no sense to me but hey to each there own, right?)

There was a few errors but they were easy to glance over, and ignore.

Overall an Ok to pass the time and need a laugh quirky sexy weird kind of read that ended with a WTF ..