In The Mood by Lynn Connolly (A Review)

In the Mood (Nightstar #1)

Book one in the Nightstar series. The sound of a saxophone drifting from a Chicago blues club sends Matt inside, hoping to sign the player for his recording studio. Instead he finds V. Passion drives them from that moment on, and Matt can’t get enough of her sweet body and generous spirit. But as a former drug addict who spectacularly crashed out of the rock band Murder City Ravens, he has a lot to prove. V thinks she’s happy with her lot until she receives an offer to join one of the most innovative and exciting bands in the world. Joining Murder City Ravens could sever her from Matt forever. How can she join the band when she’s spending her nights with the man who nearly destroyed it? Matt and V have decisions to make that might give each their life’s dream, but could split them apart. Which is more important-personal fulfillment or love? Is it possible to have both?

A Review by Beckey

This was a good mix of sweet and naughty that was seemed the story lacked some developing with the characters and the pace of the story  was slow to develop.. It was similar to Cunning’s Double Time series, not sure if that was intentional or what… Overall, a 3.5 that has a few feel good moments..