Challenging the Alpha by JoAnn Wilson (A review)

Challenging the AlphaSapphire’s brother Mark is in trouble again. This time, it’s the notorious Tsu Jai Organization who has captured the young wolf. When Sapphire brings this up to her Alpha Sin and asks permission to lead the rescue, Sin flat out refuses.

Not willing to leave her brother behind, Sapphire goes rogue and leaves her Alpha as she teams up with an old friend to save her brother.

But when Sin comes searching after Sapphire, she realizes that she’s in big trouble. Will she understand the full consequence of what it means to challenge her Alpha? But more importantly, will Sin forgive her latest transgressions?

A Review by Beckey

Ok I gave the second one a chance and this was almost a DFN like the first but I trudged thru. Must read this series in order or you will be lost and confused (just a friendly warning) and cliff hanger…

I wasn’t one for me and won’t be for many others…