Pink Orchid by Toni Sands (a review)

Orchid Pink

An historical erotic novel set in Victorian London.

Demure Adelaide hides a passionate nature beneath her elegant gowns. After hiring new maid Daisy, she’s eager to introduce her to the delights of the orchid house. Enjoying Sapphic romps and determined to resist paternal pressure to marry businessman Thomas, Adelaide is surprised to find excitement in his touch and his whispered promises. Yet, when he reveals his sinister side, she seeks familiar solace.

Christmas brings snowflakes, also a vivid reminder of a heart-wrenching past. Intrigue and obsession rock this Victorian household as Adelaide’s poignant search for love leads her into storms. Will she ever bask in the sunshine?

A Review by Beckey

A complex twisty FF historical that seemed drawn out in some spots and off in others but overall an ok kind story that I found to be a three star read for me personally.