Gnome on the Range by Jennifer Zane (a review)

Gnome on the Range

Once you get the zing you can’t go back.

Jane West has everything a woman could want. A job in a small Montana town’s only adult store, two busy young boys and one dead husband. Everything except a little excitement–a little zing. But that changes one summer morning at a garage sale when her kids buy some garden gnomes.

Now someone wants those gnomes and will let nothing get in their way. Including Jane. This new excitement for Jane spells trouble for a relationship with new neighbor–and hot fireman–Ty Strickland. Can Jane and Ty handle a relationship meddling mother-in-law, crazy kids, and stay alive while trying to solve the mystery of the garden gnomes?

A Review by Beckey

The story starts out quirky with an opening to an adult toy shop…and throughout the book there is MANY other quirkiness that can be discovered. Mingling in the mystery of the gnomes, a sperm vile and …. I found it be intriguing and enjoyable fast paced read that was unique and definitely different.