Shadow Man by Diana Dwayne (A Review)

Shadow Man #1

Alivia’s world has been torn away from her. She lives as a shell of the vibrant woman she had been before three men took the lives of her husband and her child. Before they took her, raped her, and they left her for dead.

She’s got no other reason to live – but one. Vengeance on those who tore her heart and her world from her

Alivia makes friends along the way who help her to rediscover herself, and help her flush out the men who took everything from her. Now she has one of them. Will revenge make her whole, or will it rob her of what little she has left?

Shadow Man is a brutal, sexy look at what happens when a woman’s life is indelibly altered by malevolent forces outside of her control. It is a thrill-ride of love, revenge, friendship, pain, change, and loss.

A Review by Beckey

A FAIR WARNING to all this a extremely graphic read that won’t be for everyone and it touched on hard limits for me…

Overall it was journey of one women’s life and the choices she made/makes. Sick and demented is the best words to summarize this story…