Dessert Dreams by Sophia Jones (a review)

Desert Dreams

Originally featured in the anthology Fantasies of a Housewife, “Desert Dreams” is a contemporary romantic short story.

Shaylene Thomas is a busy working mom. Raising her two girls on her own in rural Arizona’s high desert country, each day is an adventure filled with both beauty and challenges– and she wouldn’t trade a moment of it for all the riches in all the skyscrapers in the world. But sometimes she dreams of a warm pair of arms to curl into at night … and sometimes dreams come true.

A Review by Beckey

Short quick read that was open-ended and it seemed like there was more to say and go about for the main characters… A Little hanky panky but not resolved… Seemed like it was a part of larger story… extremely short story that can be read in 15 or so minutes. 3 stars