Her Stepbrothers’ Demands by Trinity Blacio (a review)

When her mother agrees to be transformed into a werewolf to join her mate, Jasmine feels abandoned and alone, and does the only thing she can do; she tries to leave.

The fact that the man she had considered her real father’ isn’t human, but an actual werewolf, just proved that there were other beings, not human, in this world. It made her remember that her real father (who had abused her as a child), had given her to the Nightmare Man that one night (a secret she had kept hidden from all, until now).

But now that she learns that in addition to having a werewolf for a mother, she has two were-cowboy stepbrothers (who are too hot to handle), it’s almost too much to take. They were the dark cowboys of her dreams as a teenager….. Can she give in to her were-cowboy stepbrothers’ demands?

A Review by Beckey

The ideas in the story were interesting and definitively unique but the execution and the storyline lacked.

Between very little back story into Jasmine’s life when bio-dad was involved and what was… (why incarcerated, how did he get involve with the vamp, what drove him to do what he did and make the deal with the vamp, why… I can go on)

Then I could go on with the convoluted and confusing storyline, see below to see Amazon Kindle App Screenshots from my iPad…(This may be a spoiler or TMI…) 
Screenshot 1

Now in this section, this the one paragraph:

By the time they stepped out of the tub and dried her off, no one was in the bedroom. There was no mistake, his stepfather would have a few choice words with her former guards.

Not his stepfather, his father…

Screenshot 2

Now in this section, this the one paragraph:

“He took something so beautiful and turned it into something ugly,” Katherine mumbled against R.D.’s father’s chest when they stopped in the hallway.

Stating a character relation and not by name… 

Screenshot 3

Now in this section, this the one paragraph:

“I’m afraid so, Jasmine,” his father responded, pulling out a chair at the table for her mother. “You will be the next alpha bitch.” Cole held up his hand. “I know you hate the wording, but it what it is. In a pack, the Alpha couple is the backbone. In other words, you are their queen.” Cole took a plate and handed it to Katherine. “Eat and stop your growling. She’s been taken care of Momma wolf,” Cole ordered, making him grin. 

Skipped aka missing words

I could go on with the other problems and also add that the time line seemed off in some spots…

Like I said it is an interesting storyline idea but the story was riddled with the above errors which made confusing and convoluted read for me personally which slowed the paced down a bit for me to try comprehend what …

Overall if the story was cleaned up, it wouldn’t be a bad read. I can honestly say with the errors and such I can only give this slightly taboo-ish, paranormal shifter story a 3 star as it is.

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