Alien Lover by Jessica E Subject (A review)


Unconvinced of her fiancé’s demise, Molly combs the galaxy to search for him. As her supplies run low, she is forced to turn around and set a course for Earth, alone. But, a Moloxian Starcruiser halts her retreat, and the single passenger transports onto her ship without permission. Taser in hand to defend herself, she is startled as the form remolds into her fiancé. Has Diego found her or is her tired mind playing tricks?

A Review by Beckey

This was one of those story that the characters themselves seemed like they had more to say but the story itself was a snippet …

I did like it just wish there was more and an explanation for the ending was she teleported to the past and decided… I don’t know, I guess you can the ending thru me for a loop of confusion. Overall it was a fast paced and enjoyable for the most part, sci-fi futuristic alien romance story.