Wicked Tied by Emma Rider (A Review)


She’s tied.
Timid librarian Michelle has one night with gorgeous Raphael Silver. A hero in her eyes, he saved her friend Vicki from getting date raped.
He’s wicked.
Dominant Raphael can’t resist showing his shy little mouse a taste of his world. With just giving her a taste, he forces himself to let her go. He changes his mind in taking her fully into his world because he can’t taint something so pure.
When her best friend’s wedding day arrives, can they avoid each other without going up in flames? Michelle appears as if she has moved on, but has Raphael?
Or are they both wickedly tied?
A Review by Beckey
Fast paced and seemed to be well written. The timeframe of eight months seemed to be a bit much for the two main characters but overall it wasn’t bad. There was a few formatting problems that I encountered with the Kindle edition but I was able to read with very little distraction.
The heat was scorching with BDSM elements. The hero, well was surely an Alpha Take Charge kind of Dom.