White Doe by Dani Jace (A Review)

Shane is a shape-shifting hawk living a secret life in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. When Cheyenne, his first love, returns. Their erotic reunion deepens to love when he discovers her unique animal nature, but can he save her from those who seek to slay the legendary white doe?

A Review by Beckey 

This was a unique shapeshifter with Native American themes going on with bikers and .. Overall it was a good one to pick up and read BUT there was many formatting problem in the form that chapters ran together such as


and there was a few grammatical problems.

Overall like I said above, not a bad read it just needs to be cleaned up.

If you are looking for a shifter book that is unique, with Native American themes mixed with some bad boy bikers and you can look over the problem that I mentioned then click on the cover and it should take you over to the Amazon page…