Caveman by Avery Kloss – A Time Travel Romance (A Review)

Surviving a plane crash was a miracle, but what happened next defied all logic.

Flying to Miami for a photo shoot, make up artist Janet Delgrange’s plane crashes in a freak electrical storm, instantly killing the pilots and five other passengers. The survivors, some of whom are injured, discover the world is not what it should be. Photographer Philippe Fey sees strange and unusual things through the lens of his camera… creatures and people that look… primitive.

Archaeologist Amy Sandhurst discovers a cave near Cactus Hill, Virginia. The drawings on the ceiling baffle her, leaving her to believe whoever painted a Twitter username amongst images of mastodons had to be playing a joke. After further analysis, she realizes they were written nearly ten thousand years ago.

The survivors are not alone, traveling amongst fearsome, giant creatures and the Clovis people, who seem the most puzzling of all. Janet befriends young Punda, whose father, Gundre, is a hunter for the tribe. She is drawn to Gundre, who watches her across the fire, the flames of interest flickering in his eyes.

Trapped in the past, Janet realizes she may never be able to go home again. Although this new life isn’t something she could ever have imagined, she must adapt to survive. That could very well include becoming a caveman’s wife.

A Review by Beckey

Modern woman is involved in plane crash and is transported back in time… I am sucker for Time Travel SciFi reads… (Well anything in the scifi realm… but that’s neither here nor there…)

This was intriguing and unique read that was definitely in its own… One I am on the preverbal fence on how to write this review… Overall not bad but could use some help…


I did like how the author wrote the dual times with different POVs. Basically it is like getting to romance stories in one…

The uniqueness of the time travel bit.

The uniqueness of the archaeology and cave drawling bit.

Captivating, intriguing, unique and fast steady paced read that I had to slow down in some parts…


There was some errors with grammar that were easily overlookable…

The date above for the Clovis period some had month and day and there was others that include 2012

Janet’s rapid weight loss in a matter of days… Really.

No true chemistry for the first time between Janet (modern 21st century woman) and Gundre (a caveman). It seemed weird and off like the author said sex goes here forcing…

Confusing in some spots like bathing… I don’t think during the Clovis Period they were neatniks as the story portrayed. Add in the communications reminded me of Me, Jane you, Tarzan… as well as inserting what seemed the caveman language…

The author could have delved more into what Amy, the archaeologist discovered in the cave with Janet’s drawings… but didn’t.

Word choice seemed all over the place when it came to intimate scenes. It was like the author was trying to prove that she could use many differing clean words to describe the intimate scenes.


Overall not a bad read just needs some cleanup…

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