Sexcapades: Willow and the Warlock by Alexea Leigh (A Review)

Magic isn’t all this sexy warlock wields.

Willow Wilde would rather live alone than rule a warlock in the tradition of modern witches. After she suffers from a black spell, the Coven leader assigns sexy warlock Evan Ravenwood to protect her and do whatever else Willow demands…in and out of the bedroom. But she isn’t prepared for her sinful guard to sneak into her bed, steal her magic, and flip the tables on everything she thought she wanted.

A Review by Beckey

This was different witch/warlock paranormal story that was an hour or so read with approx. 75 page…

There was some issues with the book like cheesy lines or use of partial slang style word… as seen below in the highlighted sections.

IMG_2096 IMG_2097Flip flopping from contemporary descriptors and …. as well as slang

Then there was familiars that the described in what seemed to be a tattoo that comes to life… Yeah, weird at least to this readers mind…

Then in a chapter (see the highlighted section)


AS you see in the highlighted section it seems that Willow has two sets of breasts, UMMMMM