Sinful Souls Book 1 & 2 by Amo Jones (Double Review)

What happens when you’re the daughter of the most feared assassin known to mankind? After having to flee her family home in New Zealand at age 8 Alaina Vance knows very little about her parents. Now living an uncomplicated life, in her final year of college with her hardest decision being what drink to order. That is until she meets Zane Mathews the sexy and domineering president of Sinful Souls MC. Her whole world as she knew it starts to flip before her very eyes as everything that she thought she knew..was really nothing at all.

A Review by Beckey

For that follow my reviews on Goodreads you may have seen that I originally DFN this story that was until the author wrote to me saying that the book was re-edited and it was upload a few days ago… OK.. and if you follow me on Goodreads you know that I am willing to give most any books an honest chance, that is what I did there.

I updated the version I had, better but still wasn’t right… Below is list of this that I found…


Time line was all over the place and didn’t seem to mesh well…

Character movement seemed off in a few scenes

Yes, this is fiction but I like a little probability and some area were so far off the realm of possibility or probability.

Grammar, typos and misspelling

If was cleaned up and fixed it would be a good one… I am also aware that this is the first book by the author, so onwards to the next book to see if it is any better…

Part 2

Vicky Abrahams has a tendency to get her self into tricky situations. But after a crazy spring break with one of her best friends, she has a bigger situation she needs to deal with; Blake Rendon. Blake is apart of Sinful Souls MC, he has never been interested in anything serious with women before, until Vicky. This results in him taking a while to figure out his feelings for her. Is it too late once he does? Has Vicky already moved on? Tired of all the secrets that almost broke her, she has every reason to be upset. But under it all…there is no one quite like Blake f*cking Rendon. Watch this story unravel as you meet new characters and new stories.

Note: this has very explicit content, if the word “F*ck” offends you, please don’t read this book.

A Review by Beckey 

The problems that I had seen in the prior book is still occurring in this one. Timeline being off and so on and so forth as previously mentioned.

The idea behind it was interesting but the execution of how the story is written really needs some work. Cleaned up and other things would make this a better.

Heavy on the language and intimate scenes…