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What reads have rocked this year?
I have read a few…
Starting with Curing Doctor Vincent

Click here to read more about it
If your looking for touching and sweet romance with music, this was one I enjoyed:
Click here to read more about it

 I could go on but I post frequently with the many many books I have read over the last year that I have really enjoyed… Just follow the blog and you will see…
Follow the blog, share this post socially and comment to enter to win a $10Amazon Gift card… One winner will be randomly chosen on October 1st, 2015.

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30.  Leigh Ellwood, Romance Author   66.  Melanie Surani (INT)    
31.  Neva Kitt, Romance Author   67.  LilyElement Book Reviews (INT)    
32.  June@Thornton Berry Shire Press (INT)   68.  Lea Bronsen’s Crazy Nights    
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  2. Follow, shared on Twitter and now commenting! My rockin’ read right now is Strings by Kat Green! Thanks for much for the giveaway. Happy Reading!

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