The Bear’s Hired Mate by Amy Star (A Review with Screen shots…#KU read)

“She was willing to be hired for anything, anything at all…”

Curvy Jane Arnold was a small town girl who had moved to Las Vegas to start a new life. Only problem was, she was dead broke and desperate for a job. Any job.

Vincent Mezzanote was a powerful billionaire bear shifter with a huge business empire based in the City Of Sin. He was a man full of opportunities along with dark secrets.

Now Vincent is recruiting a new personal assistant and Jane has been invited for an interview. When she arrives Vincent is stunned.

Not because she is perfect for the job, in fact she is far from it. But because he can tell from her scent that she is the mate for him.

Now Vincent has to decide, does he hire her as his PA or does he hire her as his mate?

Or does he do BOTH?

Disclaimer: Contains scenes of a sexual nature 18+

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A Review by Beckey

(Screen shots may or may not include spoilers, read your own caution)

The story was interesting and different. It was a captivating to a point but there was quite a bit of sections that seemed rushed to. The hero was a werebear tattoo artist and owner of

This to me was too close to another author’s …

Bear 2

And the werebear was the next in line to be the clan leader.

Below are a few other screen shots of things I noticed as possible problem for some…

The first being it wasn’t formatted well with a space or a tab as an intro to the paragraphs (easy to get over hurdle-as you can see from above)

Bear 1

Second being …

Bear 3

Third, why would you …

Bear 4

Lastly. A typo.

Bear 5

Overall not a bad read just few things here and there. And the author never wrote about the mating ceremony at the end just a human “wedding”… Not everything that could of have been said for that was said. At least it was a completed story with an HEA ending.