Eve Langlais’s My Secretary Series Review

Eve Langlias Review
 The Review reflects both books together…

Book 1
A fiery one night stand between a boss and his secretary should have signaled the start of a relationship. Instead, he uses it as an excuse to avoid her.

But Isabelle won’t be ignored.

It’s time for this secretary to reverse the roles, and she’s got a plan to bring her boss to his knees.
However, Isabelle is after more than just revenge, she wants her boss to let go of his inhibitions and let Isabelle take charge.

From now on, she is going to be the one giving the orders.

Book 2

She’s claimed his heart. She’s claimed his soul. Now she intends to fully claim his body.

Isabelle has a fantasy, a very naughty desire that her boss is balking at. She wants to claim him in a way he’s never imagined, a way that frightens him, but excites her.

Grant would do anything for his secretary, or so he thinks ‘til she tells him her secret fantasy. His desire to please is strong, but giving her what she wants means redefining his engrained notions on proper sexual games—and giving up all sense of control.

Can Isabelle convince him to trust her and allow himself to enjoy the carnal ways a mistress can claim her submissive?

A Review by Beckey

This was a quick good series to pick. And add as a bonus they are both FREE on Amazon. (Click on the above cover to grab these naughty but delicious reads…)

The adventure of a female Dom or is she …a sub also, so technically she can be a called a switch, I believe that is correct terminology. All the while she “trains” her boss in the bedroom for sensual/sexual delights all for her kinky and sexy fantasies.

Even with the one typo/misspelling in the first book (see the highlighted section below) it was an easy to glance over…

Eve Langlias Review Example

Enjoyable, kinky quick series that can be read with a few hours. The only thing that I found to be a minor issue would be some sections seemed either rushed or the characters forced into compliance… Another ok, easy to get over minor hiccup.

I would of loved to read more of an ending to the second. But it wasn’t bad just a HFN ending.