October 7th – Book News Post

15984-a-laptop-keyboard-with-coffee-pvGood Day and welcome to this week’s book news post.

This week’s featured book is an anthology called Alpha Shifter Seductions.
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All books listed with in this post have some sort of element of romance with widely diverse and different subgenres …

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Featured Authors

Alpha Shifter Seductions is available. This collection of twelve new stories11219561_10200743317263105_8836142664082276586_o can’t be beat at a price of $0.99! You can buy it for any device at one of these sites:

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At First Sight (Book One of Kitsune’s Raven) by Phoenix Johnson

She’s a Fox. He’s a Raven. From opposing sides of a shifter clan war, their relationship is against the rules…but nothing is sweeter than forbidden fruit.

When Kitsune returns home for a fireworks festival, she doesn’t expect to run into Karasu, a handsome young man with a smile that melts her heart and dampens her panties. Their attraction is instant, their love bright and hot.When she discovers he’s from an enemy clan, and a Raven shifter, she fights her instincts and the clan laws to be with the one she loves.

Will their love be the balm to heal the rift between the two clans? Or will it spark an all-out war?

The Claiming by Lashell Collins

Xander Salvador knows he’s destined to be Alpha of the Woods Canyon Pack. He’s felt it in his soul his entire life, even through the taunting and ridicule he’s suffered over the disgrace of how his parents died. But the Claiming is drawing near. The ancient, and some say barbaric practice, where the strong and worthy males battle for the right to be Big Dog often ends in death. And in order to join the battle and step into his destiny, Xander must first claim the heart of his chosen mate, Antonia Montgomery.

Toni doesn’t have time for love. She’s driven to take the reins of her ailing father’s company and prove that she can keep it on top. Her eccentric aunt’s tales of werewolves and bizarre mating rituals have no bearing on her life. Until she’s bitten by a wolf one night and her safe, structured world begins to spiral out of control. Now, strange things are happening to her body. And the mysterious, sexy man who always seems to be watching has her wondering if her aunt’s wild tales could be true.

Savage by Kim Faulks

The transition from woman to wolf is a right of passage, one hidden in secrecy and terrified whispers of those females left behind. Not all who transition live to warn the others, and so the female population in the packs dwindle. Trapped by the call of the moon and her own body’s yearning to mate,Mia does the only thing she knows—run. Can she survive when her scent sends the males in her pack into a frenzy? Or will two unlikely Alphas show her that both pain and pleasure are two sides of the same coin?

Love Like Wings by Amy Lee Burgess

Dragon shifter Sebastian knows the value of things but no one can put a price on Alexa, the woman he knows is his mate. He has three days to convince her they belong together or he will lose her forever. Can he overcome Alexa’s pride in time?

Claiming His Mate by Bethany Shaw

Erik hasn’t stopped thinking about Lexi since he was forced to leave town three years ago. When he returns, he is devastated to learn that Lexi has moved on. It’s for the best. Wolves don’t mate with humans. But there is something about Lexi that keeps drawing him in. Will he be able to claim her for his own?Or has he lost his chance for good?

Complication by Elle Thorne

Bootilicious Laken Araya has to serve as a judge in the equivalent of a shifter Supreme Court. No problem right? Until the one presenting the case is a one-night stand she never should have had.

Polar bear shifter Malachi—Ky—Romanoff is in a hell of a position. He’s representing the petitioner in front of a woman who was butt-naked in a reverse cow-girl the last time he saw her. He couldn’t even find the memorable woman because they’d never exchanged names. And now he can’t talk to her outside the confines of the case.

When the Snow Flies by Kiki Howell

On a spiritual journey to heal after a tragic accident, Anna thought the worst that could happen while walking in a labyrinth was to be taken by a stranger. A human stranger. Little did she know her meditation would capture the attention of dragons.

Unbroken by Fiona Steele

A woman who belongs to another. . .

All her life Emma Pearce only wanted one thing—to live amongst the magnificent winged steeds known as the Pegasi — even if it means accepting a ring from a man she’ll never love. When a storm sinks their ship and tosses her ashore on a remote island, she finds herself torn between two men, both dark strangers who’ve been battling for centuries.

A wounded king. . .

Davian Belmarric, once king of the free Pegasi, allowed himself to be imprisoned on a remote island with his mortal enemy, the leader of the serpent shifters, the Belleros. Despite torment by his foe, he takes refuge in the knowledge that his sacrifice saved the Pegasi from extinction. But when a shipwrecked young woman brings news of the greater world, he discovers his sacrifice might have been in vain . . .

A battle for her heart

Davian never cared about escaping the island or even surviving—until Emma’s arrival awakens in him a savage need. When his enemy suggests a contest to end their conflict and decide who will leave and who will stay, Davian fears his need to win will cost Emma her life.

Not Your Bitch by Angelica Dawson

Zoe doesn’t like being Elliot’s bitch, but doesn’t think she can do better. Linc is bound to prove her wrong, by making her his bitch, his mate.

Ngyong’s Tiger by Melissa Bell

Ngyong is a secret part of Japanese Folk Law – He is the last of his line,and his family’s tales of the ‘Legend of the Fox’ will die along with him. He is resolved in his decision to never take a mate.

Savannah is Ngyong’s new neighbor, she’s beautiful, curvy in all the right places and she likes what she sees on the other side of the fence. She has her own secrets, ones that could get them both killed.

It’s impossible to outrun your fate, especially when it’s all claws and Legend.

(Five Brothers Series Spin-Off)

Changeling’s Revenge by DJ Shaw

Peyton Milne had grown up feeling like she was different from everyone else. She’d always been able to do things, sense things, others couldn’t. When she turned twenty, her mother told her something every person fears; she wasn’t a Milne and never had been. She wasn’t even human. She was Fae; a Changeling – the only good news, a unique type since she’d survived to adulthood. Now Peyton is on a mission to find her Fae family and find out why she was left out in the human world to die. And for that she was going to need some help. Enter Basil, a shifter with a chip on his shoulder and banishment under his belt. With this kind of fire-power backing her, she hoped her family had a really good answer to her question.



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Be Mine Amazon: http://amzn.to/WVahAJ


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