Thirty Days to Win His Wife by Andrea Laurence (A #review)

Even with a baby on the way, Amelia’s holding out for the perfect husband. Tyler has thirty days to prove he’s the one.

Best friends Tyler Dixon and Amelia Kennedy eloped to Vegas on a whim. But before they can deal with their quickie divorce, she confesses: she’s pregnant. Now there’s no way Tyler will agree to go their separate ways. He wants them to stay married, raise their child together, share a house—and a bed.

Yet Amelia has always dreamed of a perfect marriage…and she doesn’t think this self-made millionaire is lifetime material despite their friendship. She’s given him just one month to prove her wrong…

A Review by Beckey

This was a cute fast paced read that was somewhat predictable of what was going to happen… Overall it was good and enjoyable story to read.

A pact made 10 years earlier results in one crazy night in Vegas and something unplanned happens… What happens in Vegas doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas kind of romance. The book will have you turning the pages to see what happens next.

Enjoyable one if you like friends to lovers then click on the cover and go over to Amazon to pick up this book …