Bearly Breathing by Kim Fox (A #review)

Standalone Paranormal Romance book (HEA. No cliffhanger)

BBW, Rebecca Sanderson, has dragged her two friends on a weekend kayaking excursion through the New Hampshire mountains to help her get over her ex-fiancée. But the three girls will find more than just kayaking when they meet their three sexy, werebear guides.

Werebear, Connor Jacoby, is trying really hard to make his new kayaking business succeed. But it’s hard when one of your employees phases into a bear in front of your customers and the other charges for autographs because he thinks he’s famous since he once played two games in the NFL before getting kicked out.

Connor already has his hands full and it’s about to get worse when his two incompetent employees bond to the two hot girls they are paired with. But there’s nothing he can say because his bear bonds with the beautiful Rebecca.

The three ‘couples’ get separated in a freak flash flood and they must survive the wilderness, but harder than that, they must survive each other for the night.

Kim Fox has done it again. Another funny, sexy, fun-filled story full of hilarious characters, witty dialogue and scorching sex!

Adult only BBW bear shifter romance. 18+

A Review by Beckey

Let me start my review by saying this is NOT a HEA but HFN that some may need the next books to see if they get their HEAs not as described from the synopsis as above states.

Secondly, the book is written like an intro to the series give the readers a glimpse of each couple, and each story about each of the couples seems similar to the other.

The story was very predictable on what was going to happen or how… and passion scenes seemed like it was lacking…

Overall not bad but it was one that I wasn’t overall thrilled about since the book seemed like it was rushed.