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The last spooky “horror” type of book I read was, The Lesson by Joyce Ward

When Pamela Tripp’s favorite uncle dies, she attends the viewing with her stoned-artist boyfriend, Kevin. After an altercation with her disapproving mother, Pamela can’t leave the funeral home soon enough. Before she heads home, however, she needs to use the restroom. En route to the ladies room, she plucks a bloom from an expensive floral display, resulting in a harsh reprimand from one of the morticians.

He sends her to use the restroom in the basement, which is being remodeled, and issues a warning to be careful and not wander around. But a ‘Caution’ sign on a locked door catches Kevin’s eye and captures his attention. In spite of Pamela’s protests, Kevin breaks in the door, grabs her hand, and takes her on a frightening journey she will never forget.

Here is the book trailer that was created by In The Pages Designs

What was your last spooky story “horror” story you read?

As for paranormal romance you can take look around and see the reviews that have been shared on this blog…

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11 thoughts on “Wicked Reads Blog Hop….

  1. I already liked your FB page. I shared on FB & twitter – @stellarluna. The last horror story I read was Stephen King’s The Shining.

    1. Awesome book… I read that in High School. King, Koonz and there was another but the name isn’t coming to my mind this morning that are other great horror writers that I read back in the day…

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