Carrying the Greek’s Heir by Sharon Kendrick (#Review)

Pregnant with the billionaire’s baby!  

From the moment hardworking Ellie Brooks met mogul Alek Sarantos her life has gone off the rails. First she was fired. Now she’s pregnant with the ruthless Greek’s baby!

It was only supposed to be one wild, passionate night. Yet when Ellie shows up demanding Alek legitimize their unborn child, he shocks himself…and agrees to her outrageous request!

Catapulted into a world she wasn’t meant for, with a husband she shouldn’t desire, Ellie’s resolve wavers. Until a tiny kick from within reminds her why she made a deal with this handsome devil: her baby, his heir…

When one night…leads to pregnancy!

Review by Beckey

A quick, awe how sweet somewhat predicable light-hearted steady paced contemporary romance read.

The book has England English, where the placement of Zs for Ss.. a few compound words weren’t compounded…

Overall it wasn’t bad, it was ok kind of relaxing read to pass the time…