Unexpected Mate by Bianca James (A #review)


Disgraced and outcast from his dragon shifter clan for refusing to enter into an arranged coupling, Declan roams the city as a motorcycle vigilante; dispatching ruthless justice as only a dragon can. A dragon needs more to do than just guard his enormous treasure hoard.

Declan has given up on ever finding his perfect mate, his princess. But sometimes fate takes a hand in unexpected ways and in unexpected places.


A lonely, sassy, curvy girl who’s been fooled once already by an enigmatic and handsome bad-boy biker who told her he loved her and adored her soft curves. That was before he left her with a broken heart, an empty bed and an even emptier bank account.

Can Declan redeem himself and find his true mate in the process? Can he tame the spirited curvy girl he can’t seem to get out of his head, no matter how hard he and his dragon try?

Will Olivia continue to drive him away, even though this likeable rogue makes her heart melt and her legs tremble with desire?

This 20,000 word story is a standalone with no cliffhanger. It contains steamy love scenes and explicit language.

A Review by Beckey

The plot was different, to a point. The writing was good and it kept me interested in seeing how the story played out… The story has mix of twists with some predictability. The ending I felt that there was more that could be told. Yeah it was a somewhat HEA but it seemed there was more that could be told.

Overall not bad, I liked it.



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