Seduced by the Spare Heir by Andrea Laurence (a #review)

Going from black sheep to king, with the help of one very special woman…

Gabriel Montoro’s worst nightmares are realized when his older brother abdicates the throne of Alma, leaving fun-loving playboy Gabe next in line. Now he needs to shape up—fast. That’s where Serafia Espina fits in.

The exquisite ex-supermodel can school him in the social niceties. But as they get into the royal routine, Gabe begins to see this old family friend in a very different light. Soon the protocols are out the window, and Serafia is sharing his bed. But is this angel hiding something that could threaten what they’ve begun?

A Review by Beckey

Damaged people, in different ways but they seems work together… Overall interesting fast paced and enjoyable story that was well written…

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